Archduchy of Pennsylvania

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Archduchy of Pennsylvania Officially The Archduchy of Pennsylvania, claiming Punxsutanwey and Big run with seven of their Unincorporated

communities, while having ownership over one Unincorporated community (half of a other) and roughly around 12% of Punxsutanwian land. The Archduchy of Pennsylvania was

proclaimed by Caden A, Mesanko and 13 of his parliament, on the 17th of November, 2018.

The reason for the Archduchy of Pennsylvania being created was a Punxsutanwey-Area independence movement while wanting a more localized government to lead to

there being a multi-party system. The existing laws or the lack of laws shows that the state is Libertarian to Conservative on the political scale yet the opposition holds

40% of the seats in the house and 34% in the senate.


The Archduchy of Pennsylvania is located in Jefferson county and claims 2 boroughs (Punxsutanwey and Big Run) 7 Unincorporated communities (Adrain Mines, Anitia, Frostburg, Knoxdale

, Oliveburg, Pitt-Buffalo HWY, Stumpcreek) While listing the Borough of Worthville as a territory, If the Archduchy where to own all of this the population would be 6,200+ with many local governments.


In the Archduchy of Pennsylvania has 5 parties as of now, The LNP (Libertarian National Party) FP (Forwards party) KCP (Keystone Conservative party) PoC (Party of Christ) and the RP (The Rose Party)

the LNP KCP form the Liberty front (about 49% of the congress) the PoC makes around 11% and the FP and RP make around 40%. Elections are held for the Congress by a Alternative-electoral vote

like a mix of the UK and US voting system but with the Alternative vote and currently 50 districts


Elections are based on a Alterantive-Electoral system