Archduchy of Noamh Séamus

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Archduchy of Noamh Séamus(English)
Ard Diúcacht na hNoamh Séamus(Gaeilge)
Motto: Catholicus Æternus (Latina)
Forever Catholic (English)
Coat of Arms:

Noamh Seamus.jpg

Dominant Party: Royalist League
Location: Northeastern Kansas
Citizens: Census not yet taken
Date of foundation: 21 January 2009
Leadership: Archduke Seán Ó Catháin
Language: Irish (Official), Latin (Religious), English (Dominant)
Currency: Ultach Pound
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Noamh Séamus is the spiritual heart of Coleraine. It is the home to majority of the nobility as well as the seat of the Heir Apparent to the throne (at present there is no legitimate heir, therefore the Monarch has taken in the Archduchy as his own constituency until an heir can be named.)

Origins of the Archduchy

The land within the Archduchy comprises the majority of the lands of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas that are south of the River Kansas. Originally created as a Barony by then King Tómás II, it was promoted first to a Duchy and later to an Archduchy with the foundation of the new Kingdom of Coleraine. Named for Noamh Séamus Mór (Saint James the Greater), the Archduchy's patron saint, it leads the way in the naming of new Duchies and Baronies within the realm, mostly after the patron saints of either the cathedral seats of the local Catholic bishops, or after the patron saints of the leader of said Duchy. In this case however it was named for the Ó Catháin phrase, "down in Noamh Séa" referrring to going south across the River Kansas from their estate of Cluain Sharoise, the official royal seat, in the Duchy of Noamh Peadar.


The Arms of the Barony Noamh Pól and of His Lordship the Baron Noamh Pól.

The Archduchy is subdivided into a number of Baronies, only one of these, the Barony of Noamh Pól, however is actually ruled by an individual Baron, the rest are ruled by the Crown. The Baron Noamh Pól, also the Minister of Communications, holds a major position within the Royal Court. He is the only leader of any constituency who actually resides within his constituency. Other residents within the Archduchy include the Duke of Noamh Raphael, and the Marchioness of Saint-Rosairie who is soon to be moving from her present seat in Noamh Pádraig, which she governs on behalf of the King.

The Counties of the Archduchy are as follows:

  • Ballycoffey
  • Ballydouglas
  • Dunscott
  • Noushea
  • Rathliam

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