Arca Federation

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Arca Federation

Capital city Marist
Official language(s) American English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Arcain (arc-a-in)
Government Dual dictatorship
Established April 13, 2011
Currency US dollar
National sport Basketball
National dish Salmon
National drink Pepsi
National animal Cat

The Arca Federation is a micronation located in Henderson, North Carolina, United States.


Dual dictatorship

Two dictators are selected or elected into office to serve as the micronations rulers. These two people have absolute power but also have an advising council. If a majority of the population feels one of the dictators is not acting in the best interest of the populace/is acting in accordance with radical politics, they may ask the second dictator to challenge the first. This results in an election to remove the first dictator. Another dictator will be elected the next month. The dictators are based in the capital city, the City of Marist.

Advising Council

This council has no power, but is allowed to meet after informing the dictator and cannot be disbanded by the dictator. The council is allowed to come up with certain responses to any situation it deems necessary, and they are then allowed to submit them to the Dual Dictators for review.

Official holidays

Date Holiday
January 1 New Year's Day
April 13 Creation Day
July 21 Government Day
December 20 Blackout Day
December 25 Christmas Day

Official Cities

  • Marist (Capital).[1]
  • Rosedale

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