Province of Aran Islands

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Province of Aran Islands
  Province of Roscamistan  

Motto: Tourists love this place
Executive-led autonomous province
 - Administrative Officer of the Aran Islands Fearghas MacLochlainn
 - Premier of the Islands vacant
 - Presidium of the Legislative Council vacant
 - Total 37 km2 (14.3 sq mi)
Population (2021)
 - Total over 1,200
Time zone GMT
Aran was never a part of the Province of Connemara, instead it was a territory in personal Union with the President as President of Roscamistan and Aran Ruler, he annexed the Aran Islands into the Republic in July 2021, creating the Aran Islands Autonomous Province

The Aran Islands officially the Province of Aran Islands (formerly the Aran Islands Autonomous Province) is one of eleven provinces of the Republic of Roscamistan and the second autonomous province of the Republic of Roscamistan.


The Islands were annexed on the 21st of June 2021 and created a full province of the republic. The Premier's office was vacant and a Minister for the Aran Islands was appointed to administer the province while the Premier's office was vacant.The only minister was Fearghas MacLoghlainn whose’s position became the Administrative Officer of Aran Islands. He is also Secretary of State for Home Affairs and Chief Advisor.


The Province’s devolved legislative matters is done by the Legislative Council, elected by proportional representation on party lists, and thus, the Council may have more or less seats than the previous council. The Province is governed by the Aran Government, the cabinet responsible for devolved matters, such as agriculture, certain finances, fishing, telegraphs, education, tourism and services. The judiciary is managed by a joint Aran-Connemara Judical branch, the only such arrangement between provinces in Roscamistan, which is overlooked by the Home Office.

Economic growth

The Province is made of the three Aran Islands which are located in the Galway bay and are a part of the Gaeltacht and are speak mainly Irish in daily life.

The main industries are tourism and farming.