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Aqua's usual profile picture online
Supreme Judge of Ceticilia (one of three)
Assumed office
26th of August, 2019
Predecessor Office established
Altannese Congressperson
Assumed office
12th of December, 2016
Altannese Senator
Assumed office
30th of June, 2019
Personal information
Born September 1999 (age 20)
NRW, Germany
Citizenship Altannese
Nationality German
Residence  NRW,  Germany

Aqua was the President of Ceticilia and is a member and poltician of Altannia. They were the first President of Ceticilia and the only monarch in Ceticilian history. They played a major role in Ceticilian politics. They are the current representative of Ceticilia in DANC.


Aqua was born from a central european mother and a near eastern father in a city in the west of Germany in late summer and spent their entire life there, they took an interest in micronational politics at age 10 when they founded the Republic of Sprelbuerg, for which they had also planned to create a language called Sprelisch. They take great interest in IT, languages and politics; especially micronational politics. They were one of the founders of Ceticilia and incorporated Sprelbuerg into Ceticilia and created the Ceticilian language known as Cet. They friends with Mia Torres and Jørgen Natt, political partners with Álvaro Barredo via Altannia and related to two further Ceticilian citizens.

Political career

Aqua was elected President of Sprelbuerg several times in its pre-provincial times with only one exception in which another party member of their party (Sprelbuerg Worker's Party) won, this basically gave them absolute control over Borkenfels as it was a de-facto elective dictatorship; Aqua incorporated Borkenfels into Ceticilia upon becoming President thereof to regulate its politics better. Aqua was elected President four times, crowned Queen of Ceticilia once and lost only one election, against Jordan Lord and Mia Torres. They have effectively been the Head of State of Ceticilia from 29 March 2016 to 29 March 2017 then again from 30 April 2017 to 7 October 2017 and finally from 8 January 2018 to today.

They currently de-facto manage both Ceticilian provinces Weiden and Borkenfels, although the latter has no active politics going on at the moment. They currently hold the title to the Duchy of the Altannese province Westweiden.


Aqua is member of the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) of Ceticilia. They used to be part of the Ceticilian Alliance, which was social democratic after the monarchy and pro-monarchy during it, before that they partook in the Social Democratic Party of Ceticilia (SPC) and before that they were a Progressive Party member. They have the highest number of proposals (fptp) in the Ceticilian Parliament (with about a quarter of proposals being theirs). They wrote the largest chunk of Ceticilian law texts and is still very active in Ceticilia. Their proposals mainly consist out of technicalities and law details and sometimes citizen's rights.

Aqua's political compass

Ideologically, they is very left-leaning and socially liberal or rather libertarian or progressive. They are a supporter of LGBT+ and polyamorous' and (voluntary) polygamists' rights and believes workers and employees should have a major say in any corporation. They believe that any country that is capable should take in refugees with the rationale that no human decides to have no option but to seek asylum and that no human is illegal.


Controversies arose before the Kingdom of Ceticilia when they created a chamber in preparation for a possible monarchy and a flag for this possible monarchy, they were impeached and retracted the changes to which the Chief Justice agreed. They then held a legally binding poll on the Kingdom of Ceticilia which passed with 6/6 of the votes. This was not the end of the controversy though, as the voter turnout on this referendum was low and calls to abolish the Kingdom rose, the controversy ended with the restoration of the Republic in late 2017.