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The Apollo Foundation is an intermicronational organisation founded by Ryan Caruso at the collapse of the original Audentior Independent Nation as a neutral entity to protect the capital territory indefinitely. The Foundation was based on the same principles of Isaac Asimov's series of novels bearing the same name--this being a group dedicated to the preservation of history.

Originally, the Apollo Foundation protected the lands of dead micronations of significant importance. The Flying Islands of Jasonia, Tapfer, Audentior, and others all became protectorates of the Foundation. But eventually it was deemed that the Foundation held too much land, and it relinquished all those claims, removing them from the map of Micras maintained by the MCS.

Instead, the Foundation was rebuilt along the lines a micronational registry, where those who wished to protect a dead nation's name and legacy could register it with the organisation. The Foundation then listed it as a protected micronation within its registry - somewhat akin to someone depositing a valuable in a safety deposit box at the bank. The Foundation continues to function to this day, with several longtime registrants.


Apollo Foundation Website