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Utopia Apex (eng)
Flag of Apex.png

Embrace the apex of civilization
Capital cityApex
Largest cityApex
Official language(s)English (de facto, unofficial), Apex
Official religion(s)Completely secular
GovernmentSemi-presidential Apex state
- State HeadLuca Demirag interim
- State HeadLuca Demirag interim
LegislatureCouncil of Experts
Established14 July 2021
Populationwill shift in the coming weeks, I'll only update it once it seems to remain solid
National animalAll animals are equally respected
Patron saintApex is fully secular

will be created

Apex, officially the Utopia Apex, is a sovereign state aiming to initiate in the apex of civilization and unify the world, giving all equal access to the apex. As the micronation is currently in its very early stages, the population will likely jump soon.


On January 14, 2021, Luca Demirag disbanded the former silly nation Universa and brought in Apex.

Foreign relations

Apex currently has no foreign relations.

Administrative divisions

Administrative divisions do not exist under Apex, being seen as a way to cause discord within.


Apex is a semi-presidential state, and keeps the name 'semi-presidential' despite having no president.

Luca Demirag is the interim State Head, a position of power with elections for it held every four years, and the ability to run four times. There are, of course, strict limitations to running, mainly to prevent a dictatorship from coming to power. Of course, the State Head appoints a Replacement State Head, should the State Head die in office, resign, or be removed from office.

There are five ministries, the Ministry of Workers, which makes sure that workers' rights are protected, although this Ministry is not as high-management as you think, with most jobs being taken over by AIs. Only jobs like scientists, teachers, and other jobs where humans perform far better than AI still have human members, which have perks over non-working people; the Ministry of Law, akin to Departments or Ministries of Justice in other countries; the Ministry of Science, which manages anything science-and-AI-related; the Ministry of Services, which provides services to people such as free healthcare, education, and voting; and the Ministry of Construction, which provides for the construction of new roads, buildings, and such. All ministers are appointed by the State Head, are confirmed by the Council of Experts, and have an IQ of over 120, although the last requirement is suspended until further notice.

On the legislative branch, Apex has the Council of Experts, with 100 people. Half are chosen by the State Head, and half are elected. All members must have an IQ of over 120, although this requirement is suspended until further notice. After the Council votes on an issue, the citizens vote on the decision, and if the Council and the citizens disagree, a compromise may be reached.

Law and order

On the judicial branch, Apex does have judges, juries, and police, but they are highly trained to make sure they are not biased or discriminatory in their job, which is a frequent problem in most countries currently. There are four tiers of courts; the Local Court, the Regional Court, the State Court, and the Apex Court, similar to other court systems around the world.

If the judge and jury find a criminal guilty, for most crimes, they will be rehabilitated rather than punished, as studies have shown the effectiveness of rehabilitation to be better than that of prison time. The only crime where there is prison time rather than rehabilitation is hate speech, as there does not seem to be a way to rehabilitate bigoted people.


Apex has no military.



Due to Apex being in the beginning stages of founding, its population will likely jump in the coming weeks. The Population section is empty until further notice.


English is the most commonly spoken language in Apex currently, although it aims to replace all languages of the world with one, universal language, Apex, although the Apexist ideology believes in continuing to maintain all languages, despite replacing them in general use.


Most citizens of Apex, based on those in the population jump, will likely be atheist, agnostic, or, for at least a few, Christian. The government is fully secular and strongly discourages religion, though religion is fully legal and discrimination against religious people is banned.


Apex Events is the most major (online) newspaper in Apex thus far, though it's likely that if Apex achieves its main goal, there will be far more newspapers. As for a news network, there will be the Apex Events Network, or AEN, which will be streaming on television should Apex meet its goals, though it will only be sent out to citizens should the goals not be established.


Currency does not exist under Apex, with no clear purpose seen by the founder of Apex.

Businesses mostly use AIs as workers now, and in the only jobs that require humans, the industry is government-owned. The businesses' production is still closely monitored by the government, due to unregulated production having the possibility to be catastrophic.


Due to Apex being a transhumanist and supporting more advancement of AI (but only to an extent), a big part of Apex is technology, which hopes to become prevalent in the lives of Apex people.

On the issue of immortality, if births are tightly controlled, scientists can expand lifespans up to 5,000 years long, but beyond that is illegal. Of course, births would become more tightly controlled with each increase.

A goal of Apex is not only to unify the world, but to unify as much as possible of the universe. If sentient beings are found on other planets, there are two protocols; if they are as intelligent as humans are, they will be given the option to join Apex or to remain independent. If they choose to remain independent and are not hostile, Apex will attempt to form a good diplomatic relationship with them. If they are not as intelligent as humans, more efforts will be made to study and preserve them, and the planet will come under Apex's control.

Quantum computers are a goal of Apex, due to being extremely powerful and being able to help other goals of Apex, such as, on a far, far future scale, faster than light-speed travel. Quantum physics will also be studied very carefully, along with string theory.

AI is legal but regulated, and cannot take on a smarter form than humans. However, Apex aims to have AI present in our everyday lives, while not controlling our everyday lives.