Islamic Republic of Antverpia

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Flag of Antverpia

The Islamic Republic of Antverpia was a micronation that existed from 2002 to 2003. The three founders wanted to do something to counter the negative image Islam was given by the media after the attacks on the WTC. Since Frans was already involved in micronationalism, he proposed to simulate a peaceful Islamic republic.

The constitution was promulgated later that year, establishing a parliamentary democracy. Next to the legislative power (the Shura), the executive power (the government headed by the Minister-President) and the judiciary power (the Supreme Court), there was also an "advisory power". This advisory power was exerted by the Islamic State Council, which had to give non-binding advice on all bills before the Shura could vote on them. At least 50% of the Islamic State Council had to be muslim, all other institutions were secular.

After the promulgation of the constitution, the First Shura was elected, which voted on several acts such as the Election Act and the Judiciary Act.

Antverpia had diplomatic ties with Pasargada, Kelterspruf, Pacary, Babkha and others. It was also a member of the League of Micronations.

After the elections of the Second Shura, the speaker of the Shura failed to take his responsabilities to appoint a Minister-President, as stipulated by the constitution. Without a government, the micronation became inactive and was taken from the internet a few months later.