Antialist Socialist Republic of East Nebraska

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The Antialist Socialist Republic of East Nebraska or the ASRN Is the Second Nebraskan Micro Nation, The nation Claims the Eastern part of Nebraska Capital being Lincoln,

the ASRN has always been in a state of conflict with West Nebraska, No advances in the 'Corn wars' Have been achieved since 2019, The economy of the ASRN is stable for a nation of its size and placement,

Foreign Relations: ASRN's Foreign Relations have always been weird to say the least. as the ASRN hates Iowan Micro nations. But the ASRN recognizes the Republic of Lekotah and Taiwan, the ASRN Supports Socialist Micronations except the Iowan ones,

Corn war 1:

the First Corn war happened threw 2018 forced the Local socialist states to unite into a Single Federation. As the West Nebraskan Invaders Advanced into The Core Regions they were Pushed out of East Nebraska a Peace was Declared in December,

Siege of Nebraska City: The Failure of the Battle of Nebraska City is what Caused the Peace of 2018. The 4 month Long siege Was broken when the 3rd Division Linked with the Second Division Pushing the Invaders back,

Battle of Grand Island: The Battle of Grand island Pushed the ASRN back to Nebraska City as Grand island suffered a 7 month Occupation,

Corn war 2:

The second Corn war is still on going But Happened since June 2019 to present Day,

Second Batle of Grand Island: The second Battle of Grand island Was fought during July of 2019 and is still being occupied

Battle of Norfolk: The battle of Norfolk happened in November of 2019 But was Recaptured in December,