National anthem of Freblick

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Anthem of Freblick
Federal State anthem of the Freblick
Lyrics Eugene Smagin
Russian version adopted August,2013
English version adopted June, 2014

Фреблик-страна (en- Freblick is country) is national anthem of Freblick, written by Eugene Smagin. Usually, it is sung in Russian, but there are 2 English versions. Freblick anthem is one of the shortest in the world

Russian version


Хоть и мала,

Нация наша горда!

Наших людей,

Наши права,

Мы уважаем всегда!

Так славься же наш укромный уголок,

Последний честности оплот,

Фреблик, мы верим в тебя!

Все жители наши- друзья!

Verbatim translation

Freblik in country

Though it's small,

Our nation is proud!

We always respect

Our people

And our rights!

So glory to our nice place

Last bastion of honesty,

Freblik, we believe in you!

All our citizens are friends!

English version

Freblick is nation,

Great destination,

Peaceful and proud population,

With our country,

With our people,

We have fantastic relation

So cheers to you,

Our place of peace!

Hope you will exist

For many years!