Anthem of Azeri SSR

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The national anthem of Azeri SSR (English):

Azerbaijan, the glory, the flowers of the Republic!

The Soviet people to bring a strong new birth of freedom.

October Revolution will be happy to give you infinite courage.

Cheers for the extraordinary wisdom, cheering for the people's power!


Wise leadership of the party of Lenin created we walk in the road.

Sun shine communism, shines with the city and countryside.

We continue to win tomorrow's victory laurel to forge ahead.

Long live, long live, Azerbaijan, the great Soviet land!


The Fire country, Snow peak cultivated proven people.

Fearless thirst for freedom fighting hero is a martyr.

The determination of a thousand memories transmission burst today,

We move towards communism, the pace of a firm and stable.



The friendly people of Russia, the heroic champion of the league,

To firmly hold the sacred sincere hand of friendship.

Forces from alliance unbreakable fraternal peoples,

Let this treasure filled with glorious Soviet motherland!