Aniq Sufyan of Richensland

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His Serene Highness Supreme Overlord Protector Aniq Sufyan ORfc OMsc OGHsc OAsc OLCRgm MP, (born 2 May 2009), is a de facto micronationalist who is currently Vice President in his second term and Prime Minister of Richensland since 23 August 2021. As Prime Minister, he is currently in his third term, his first and second being from and to 28 to 29 August 2020 and 7 to 24 September 2020 respectively. He was previously the 2nd President of Richensland, succeeding M. Ryan by constitutional succession as he was Vice President then and was succeded by Rifqi Hanif after the 2021 Constitution came into force on 23 August 2021. He is mostly regarded as a dictator by other micronations and even said so himself.

Aniq Sufyan

Personal Arms of Shahanshah, Aniq Sufyan.png
Coat of arms
Born2 May 2009 (2009-05-02) (age 12)
NationalityFlag of Singapore.svg.png Singapore (2009-)
Flag Of RERichensland.svg Richensland (2020-)
Flag of Cycoldia Real.svg Cycoldia (2021)
OccupationMicronationalist (de facto)
Years active2020 - present
OfficeList of micronational offices held by Aniq Sufyan
Political partyNationalist Party (2021-)
Revolutionary Liberty Club (2020-2021)
Libertarian Party (2020)
Independent (2020)
RelativesRifqi Hanif (cousin)
Ayden Shafiq (sibling)
Dhia Auni (cousin)
FamilyHouse of Richensland
AwardsList of titles, honors and awards received by Aniq Sufyan
More information
2nd Prime Minister of Richensland
Assumed office
23 August 2021
PresidentRifqi Hanif
Preceded byVacant (last held by Rifqi Hanif and Indra Syazwi)
In office
7 September – 24 September 2020
Preceded byS. Thanukshan, Marquess of September
Succeeded byAyden Shafiq (acting)
In office
28 August – 29 August 2020
Preceded byS. Thanukshan, Marquess of September
Succeeded byS. Thanukshan, Marquess of September
1st Vice President of Richensland
Assumed office
23 August 2021
PresidentRifqi Hanif
Preceded byRifqi Hanif
In office
3 November – 18 November 2020
PresidentM. Ryan
Preceded byOffice Established
Succeeded byNayli Aleesya
2nd and 3rd President of Richensland
In office
18 November 2020 – 23 August 2021
Acting: 15-18 November 2020
Vice PresidentNayli Aleesya
Rifqi Hanif
Preceded byM. Ryan
Succeeded byRifqi Hanif
King of Richensland
In office
13 August – 3 November 2020
Preceded byMonarchy established
Succeeded byMonarchy abolished
Grand Duke of Trimland
In office
2 May – 1 September 2020
Preceded byMonarchy established
Succeeded byMonarchy abolished
Personal details
CabinetHis Majesty's Cabinet I
His Majesty's Cabinet II
Aniq Sufyan Cabinet
Military service
AllegianceFlag Of RERichensland.svg Plurinational State of Richensland
Flag Of RERichensland.svg Most Serene Republic of Richensland
Branch/serviceSigtelageecn Navy
Years of service2020 - present
RankFlag Of RERichensland.svg Grand Admiral,
Flag Of RERichensland.svg Commander in Chief (2020 - 2021; ex officio as President of Richensland)
Aniq continues using his peerage titles by courtesy
Signature of Aniq Sufyan.png

Personal Life

Aniq was born on the 2nd of May 2009 at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. He was born to a family with a humble background. His family was a middle class family and thus, were neither rich nor poor.

His father changed jobs quite a few times but had a stable income. His mother has a successful job and produces most of the family income. Together, they were able to support the family.

Aniq was the eldest child in the family. He currently has one living sibling, Ayden Shafiq (born 2013). He is very close to his close relatives and they often hang out together, especially with his first cousins.

He is officially an extrovert but is a de facto introvert.


Aniq is currently studying and is in grade six, also called primary six and is expected to graduate from elementary school in 2021.

He prefers to keep his education a secret most probably because he sucks in Math, Science, English and Mother tounge. His favorite period is Art.

Micronational Career

Micronational positions held

Throughout his micronational career, Aniq has held various offices in his own micronation. Aniq has never held any political office in another micronation with the exception of Trimland. He was offered the title "Grand Duke of Trimland" in May 2021 as a sign of graditude though the title was abolished in August of the same year.

Aniq had held a record of micronational positions in a span of less than a year. He was the head of state of Richensland for most of time it had ever existed with the interruption by M. Ryan, who was President of Richensland. His tenure as head of state ended on the 23rd of August 2021, when Rifqi Hanif became President.

Ideology and foreign policy



Aniq has been banned from the Asia-Pacific Alliance discord server under allegations of "violating Discord's Terms of Service". As a result, Richensland was barred from entering the Asia-Pacific Alliance despite having all land claims in Asia. According to logic, Richensland should be allowed to join the alliance as Aniq was applying for his micronation not for himself, so the allegations of him were not be stressed on a micronation. After being banned and reported by Dhrubajyoti Roy of Vishwamitra, he concluded that such a organization was not worth paying attention to.

Presidency (2020-2021)


1st term

2nd term

3rd and current term

Title, Awards, Decorations and Arms

Image Use Date Official name
Personal Arms of Shahanshah, Aniq Sufyan.png Personal coat of arms of Aniq Sufyan (previously also royal coat of arms) 13 August 2020 - present Personal coat of arms of Aniq Sufyan of Richensland
Cropped 2.png Personal Standard as King of Richensland (still in use)
Personal monogram

Royal and Personal Standard as King of Richensland

Coat of arms of Aniq Sufyan of Richensland
The arms of Aniq Sufyan is the arms of the Kingdom of Richensland but with distinctions that represent him specifically
2 May 2021 (current variant)
Aniq Sufyan
The crown of a sovereign of the House of Richensland proper
A pair of batons belonging to that of a Grand Admiral
Order of the Renaissance