Aniq Sufyan Cabinet

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Aniq Sufyan Cabinet
(Aniq-Tizian Cabinet)
Flag Of RERichensland.svg
9th Cabinet of Richensland
Date formed23 August 2021
People and organisations
Head of StateRifqi Hanif (until 22 September 2021)
Christina I of Cycoldia (de facto; since
22 September 2021)

Amalia Banks (de jure; since 22
September 2021)
Prime MinisterAniq Sufyan
Alt. Prime MinisterTizian Aruna
Member partyNationalist Party
Status in legislatureOne-party government
Opposition partyNone
Opposition leaderNone
Legislature term(s)Legislature I
PredecessorDirectory of
National Salvation

The ninth government of Richensland, or the Aniq Sufyan Cabinet, also informally known as the Aniq-Tizian Cabinet, is the cabinet and government of Richensland since 23 August 2021.

List of members

Portfolio Tenure
Aniq Sufyan
Prime Minister of Richensland 23 August 2021 - present
Tizian Aruna
Alternate Prime Minister of Richensland 6 September 2021 - present