Princedom of Animalo

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Princedom of Animalo

(*Ant Noises)
Howl of the wind
Capital city Cup-2
Largest city Cup-1/Cup-2 *(same size)
Official language(s) none, *recognises Sqaukish
Religion Atheist
Short name Animallese
Demonym Animalorian
Legislature Absolute monarchy
Area claimed 20cm²
Currency Poody
National sport Eating
National animal Ant
Patron saint Prince Antonio I

Erlie History

Animalo is a vassal of the Blue army. It was ruled by its first Resident Prince Antonio I. Prince antonio died after only one day in office, He was replaced by הנסיך נמאל (Prince Namal). After the Death of Namal he was replaced by Princess Antouantina. she was put on the throne in less than 12 hours after Namals death was confirmed. When Antouantina entered office the capital of Animalo changed from Cup-1 to Cup-2. After laying her eggs Princess Antouantina suddenly died. this lead to Animalo searching for a new Monach once again. Eventually they found a new Monarch for Animalo. The next ruler of Animalo was Princess Anteania I who rained for slightly less than two mounths. A evil army of ants raided cup-2 and killed all 5 of its (known) inhabitants (including the qrincess). this tradgedy lead to the next prince of animalo to rule from cup-1 prince harako (in english it tranclates to: Bugo/Bugy).

Earlie Rulers of Animalo

Animalo had many rulers. So far all of them where ants.

Name Title Time in Office Creature Role Current state Notes
Antonio Prince Antonio I 1 Day Ant Prince Dead Reason of Death is unknown
Namal/נמאל Prince Namal I/הנסיך נמאל 3 Days Ant Prince Dead Died from desease
Antouantina Princess Antouantina I no data Ant (queen) Princess Dead Longest raining Animalorian monarch
Anteania Princess Anteania I less than two months Ant (queen) Princess Dead Killed by an evil invading army of ants
Harako/חרקו Prince Harako I 1 day Ant Prince Left he did not like his job so he left animalo
Antonio the second Prince Antonio II 4 days Ant Prince Left Left because of unknown reasons
Antounet Princess Antounet Three mounths Ant Princess Left/Dead Forced out of ofice due to a desease that later on killed her


Citys of Animalo

There are two Villages in animalo but they are treated as citys.

Name Type Population
Antory Vill Minor city current: 2 former: 5
Cup-1 Former Capital Current: Former: 8
Cup-2 Former Capital Current: 0 former: 9
Cup-3 Former Capital Current:0 Former: 15
Cradnel Capital Current: 1 former: 17
Cuppania Minor City current: 3 former: 9
Ezets Namal Large city Current: 0 former: 30
Chka't Major City Current:7 Former:11