Angel I

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His Imperial Majesty
Angel I
Emperor of Irudirea, knight of all fields, defender of all ducats and protector of the Jainkotiar's dynasty.

Escudo de la Casa Dinástica.png
Emperor of Irudirea
Reign November 5, 2013 - present

(4 years 15 days)

Predecessor title created
Estandarte Presidencial.png
1st President of Irudirea
Govern Deecember 5, 2013 - present

(3 years, 11 months, 15 days)

Predecessor title created
Logo del Partido del Recto Gobierno.png
Leader of the SGP
Govern November 5, 2013 - present

(4 years 15 days)

Predecessor title created
Escudo de Gran gala de Irudirea.png
Transitorial President of Irudirea
Govern December 5, 2013 - December 8, 2013 (4 days)
House Jainkotiar
Born 1 December 1996 (1996-12-01) (age 20)
Pamplone, Spain Flag of Spain2.png
Religion Catholic

Angel I is the emperor of the micronation, the Empire of Irudirea, he is the founder of his micronation, thing that he did in the 5th of November ofthe year 2013.

Political Position

Se also Politics of Irudirea

He also is the leader of the ruling party, the Party of Right Government, this is because in Irudirea monarchs may be in political parties and hold both the head of state and government. As in the existing constitutional government Irudirea this was pre-constitutional Angel I is in office and the entire state.

Besides, the monarch of Irudirea is itself the Supreme Judge of the Supreme Court, as currently there is only one holds this position exclusively.