Andrew Szemere

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Andrew Szemere
Chancellor of the Gasconadian Social State
Assumed office
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Member of the Faltrian Senate for Newton
In office
10/10/21 - 12/01/21
Commander Hunt Powell
Predecessor vacant
Successor TBD
Prime Minister of Wynnland
In office
8/07/21 - 9/13/21
King Maximilian I
Predecessor Duke of Aspenburg
Successor Julia Hildago
Member of the Unterhaus
In office
7/16/2021 - 9/13/21
King Maximilian I
Prime Minister Duke of Aspenburg
Andrew Szemere
Personal information
Citizenship Gasconadian, Ethosian, Faltrian.
Political party Gasconade Social Nationalist Front
Faltrian Social Nationalist Front
Residence Missouri
Religion Christian

Andrew Szemere (born 2005) is a minor micronational politician. He has been in the micronational community since a young age, leaving the larger part of the community after 5 years in 2021. He is acting Chancellor of the Gasconadian Social State, his own micronation; and the chairman of the Faltrian Social Nationalist Front. Formerly the Prime Minister, and a Member of Parliament of Wynnland; and former Prime Minsiter, former Deputy Prime Minister, and former Member of Parliament of Caudonia.


Andrew Szemere has held and holds several micronational citizenships:

  • Gasconadian Social State - Current
  • Ethosian Federation - Current
  • Faltree - Current
  • Principality of Caudonia - Former
  • Kingdom of Wynnland - Former
  • Dominion of British North America - Former