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His Excellency The Honourable Marshal
Andrew Brotherton
President Andrew, after renouncing the claim of Greenia
3rd President of Roscamistan
23rd of June 2021
Vice President Culann Burke
Adam Flannery
Predecessor James Irwin
Paramount Leader of Roscamistan
20st August 2021-20st August 2021
President himself
Predecessor office established
Successor Kate Keady (full Paramount Leader)
1st President of the Regency Soviet of the Kingdom of Roscam
3rd of August 2021 - 3rd of November 2021
President himself
Predecessor office established
Successor Dissolution in the Reforms of November 2021
1st Minister of Foreign Affairs
18th February 2021 to August 2021
President himself
James Irwin
Predecessor office established
Successor Kate Keady
1st President of the Atillaterra-Roscami Confederation
1st September 2021 - 15th of September 2021
Vice President Mike (last name unknown)
Premier himself
Predecessor office established
Successor Himself as Supreme Ruler of the Roscami Colonial Empire
3rd Paramount Leader
21st of October 2021 to 29th of October 2021
President Andrew Brotherton
Predecessor Adam Flannery
Successor Adam Flannery {restored}
King of Scotland (claimed)
3rd of November 2021 -
Predecessor Queen Anne (claimed)
1st President of Roscamistan
18th of February 2021 to 18th of May 2021
Vice President Culann Burke
Predecessor office established
Successor James Irwin
1st Leader of the Roscamistan United Party
1st of December 2021
President himself
Predecessor himself as the President of the Liberal Democratic Party
Personal information
Born 3rd of February 2008
Galway City, County Galway, Ireland
Birth name Andrew Brotherton
Citizenship Republic of Roscamistan
Nationality Irish with English decent
Political party
Other political
Roscamistan Freedom Party, Liberal Democratic Party
Relations Sharon Shannon(sister of aunt married to maternal uncle)
Residence Greater Roscam Province
Occupation Author, Public office holder, Para-Militant
Profession Author
Cabinet The Brotherton Cabinet, Irwin Cabinet(formerly)
Committees Central Defence Committee, Central Committee of the Socialist Labour Party of Roscamistan
Portfolio President of Roscamistan
Religion Roman Catholic Church
Website TBA
Military service
Nickname(s) The Loose Cannon, General Retardant
Allegiance Roscamistan
Service/branch Roscamistan Army
In service 2021-
Rank Marshal of the Republic, Commander in Chief,
Commands Roscamistan Defence Forces (as Commander in Chief)
Battles/wars The 17thMayCoup, Roscami War of Independence, Facist Coup of Roscamistan
Awards The Order of the Count of Purple, Hero of Roscamistan,

His Excellency, Sir Andrew Michael John Brotherton, Baronet, is a South African-Irish political Leader and Author who is the 3rd President of Roscamistan since the 23rd of June 2021.

Early life

Andrew was born on the 3rd of February 2008, in Galway City hospital, and lived almost his first year of life, in Renmore in his Grandparents house, as his mother and father didn’t have a place of their own until December 2008 when they got an apartment in Roscam, just before the crash and bailouts of 2008 began.

School life

He started school in 2013, in Gaelscoil Dara, a Gaelscoil, which are Irish primary schools taught in Irish. He was diagnosed with ADHD, and in 2016, was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. During his years in school, he caused many problems but also had a good time with the other lads.

A fun fact is the president's father is from Zimbabwe at the time the Republic of Rhodesia and is white and Anglican. However General Andrew Brotherton is a Catholic and is inspired by Patrick Pearse and the Easter rising. Fearghas Macloghlainn is the chief advisor and Minister of the Interior of the President.

Religion and policy to other religions

He is Christian and despises atheists, agnostics and other irreligious people, calling them once “pests, bastards, wastes of air, devils, idiots, and deserving of the death penalty". He also claims it’s the fault of secularism and secular issues for the many wars of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Other jobs in and outside the Roscamistan Civil Service

He is the head of the constabulary in the Roscam area called the Roscam liberation front (RLF) and is a supporter of The Roscamistan cultural movement and the Irish language. In 3rd class, he founded Kids Comix Inc., a comic book publisher that published primary Andrew Brotherton’s characters such as:

  • Supa Whale, a 20 year old superhero narwhal who is friends with Deone(formerly D1) Dolphin, a bottle nose dolphin with super powers
  • SuperKnight, a knight Commander frozen in ice from the crusades, along with his friend, Spear Guy(Thomas MacDiarmada)
  • Robert Crystal, a creature made of mutated gemstones, also friends with Titus Narge, a colossal gemstone creature
  • Warren Buck, Villan, Chief of Staff of the Military of the Lometian Empire, a galactic empire on the other side of the Milky Way.


Andrew has often been accused of prejudice and bigotry against many groups, charges including Anti-semitism, racism, transphobia, and many others, though he has come back to say say what you want, you all are welcome to, but what ever you say I did, I probably didn’t.

Personal life

He has three YouTube channels, although he doesn’t upload much anymore, called collectively, The Andrew Show ok V2, the Andrew Show ok V3, and the Andrew show ok V4, also known as SixMeteor. He is 13 years old and will turn 14 in February 2022. He is a Roman Catholic and goes to church most Sundays, he doesn’t go when it’s something very very important. His views do not correspond with any political compass.

other roles

The President after the cabinet proposal to federate Roscamistan

He was also the Prince Regent of the autonomous monarchy The Kingdom of Roscam in Greater Roscam province until its dissolution in the Reforms of November.

He was also President of the Atillaterra-Roscami Confederation from the 1st of September to 15th of September 2021, when he became the Supreme Ruler of the Roscami Colonial Empire until the 22nd of October 2021, when the territory of the Empire were absorbed into the Republic of Roscamistan


Through all of Roscamistan’s history, he has the main figure, even during the Irwin presidency, his influence has controlled almost every aspect of Roscamistan, and is seen as a rowdy, vulgar speaking, comedic, mentally retarted man who wants to bring goodness and laughter to all but fails in his pursuits.

Famous quotes


Bitch ass bitch face cunt ass bitch


  1. If you’re black, I’m a banana
  2. The Nazis were chads
  3. I may be autistic but I’m not retarded
  4. Jan, ze panzers are coming
  5. Cant, I’m spreading the word of Marx and God


Andrew is considers himself a Christian Conservative

National honours

Medal Honour Post-nominal
Hero of Roscamistan HOR
Order of the Count of Purple OCP
Brotherton Baronetcy Bt
Lord High Admiral of the Empire of Barnland (Ireland) LHA of Barnland

List of Titles of Andrew Brotherton


  • President of Roscamistan
  • Duke of Coletburg(Peerage of Greater Roscam)
  • Governor of the Roscamistan Volunteer Force
  • Liberation Commander of the Roscam Liberation Front
  • Dear Leader
  • Deputy Leader of the Roscamistan Freedom Party
  • President of the Liberal Democratic Party of Roscamistan
  • Overlord of the Peers of Ireland
  • Dictator of South Africa
  • The Paramount Authority
  • Senator for Greater Roscam
  • Interim Speaker of the Senat
  • Mayor of the City of Roscam
  • Chancellor of Galway City
  • President of the Rhodesian Government in Exile
  • Baronet Brotherton
  • Lord of Holland

Titles outside of Roscamistan

  • President of the Atillaterra-Roscami Confederation
  • Military Governor of Greenia(former)
  • Supreme Leader of the Republic of Barnland
  • Commander of the Faithful of Ireland and South Africa
  • uncrowned King of Scotland
  • Supreme Ruler of the Roscami Colonial Empire
  • Grand Master and Prince of the Sovereign Order of the Lomet
  • Prime Minister of the Atillaterra-Roscami Confederation(de facto)
  • Prime Minister of the secessionist former Roscam Free State(de facto)
  • President of the Roscamistan Government in Exile during the Presidency of James Irwin(from 18th of May 2021 - 23rd of June 2021
  • Viceroy of Greater Roscam for James Irwin( de facto)
  • Emperor SixMeteor

other roles

Andrew Brotherton OCP
Born: 3 February 2008
Political offices
Preceded by
Office established
President of the Liberal Democratic Party
5 November 2021 - 1 December 2021
Succeeded by
Office abolished (himself as the Leader of the United Party of Roscamistan)
Preceded by
Office established
Liberation Commander of the RLF
January 2021-
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Office established
Prime Minister of Greater Roscam
25 November 2021 - present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
‘’Throne established
Emperor of Barnland
26 November 2021 - present
Succeeded by