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His Excellency The Honourable Marshal Sir
Andrew M.J. Brotherton
OCP HOP Bt SixMeteor OGC
Andrew Brotherton in his final full month as President of Roscamistan before the 2022 Roscamistan presidential election
1st and 3rd President of Roscamistan
assumed office
23 June 2021
Vice President Culann Burke
Adam Flannery
Predecessor James Irwin
in office
18 February 2021 to 18 May 2021
Vice President Culann Burke
Predecessor office established
Successor James Irwin
1st Vice-Premier of GETSS Commune
Known as Vice-Chairman before 10 January 2022
assumed office
September 2021
Premier (known as chairman before 10 January 2022) Jan Kotonski
General Secretary Matthew Williams
Predecessor office established
People’s Assembly 2nd Seat (Reserved for Vice-Premier) (100%)
1st and 4th Foreign Secretary
in office
18 February 2021 to August 2021
President himself
James Irwin
Predecessor office established
Successor Kate Keady
assumed office
28 November 2021
President Himself
Paramount Leader Adam Flannery
Predecessor Adam Flannery
1st (acting) and 3rd Paramount Leader
in office
21 October 2021 to 29 October 2021
President Andrew Brotherton
Predecessor Adam Flannery
Successor Adam Flannery {restored}
in office
20 August 2021
President himself
Predecessor office established
Successor Kate Keady
1st President of the Atillaterra-Roscami Confederation
in office
1 September 2021 - 15 September 2021
Vice President Mike (last name unknown)
Premier himself
Predecessor office established
Successor Himself as Supreme Ruler of the Roscami Colonial Empire
1st General Secretary of the Sepranan Communist Party
De facto supreme leader
assumed office
10 January 2022
Premier of Seprana himself
Predecessor office established
Personal information
Born 3 February 2008 (2008-02-03) (age 13)
Galway City, County Galway, Ireland
Birth name Andrew Brotherton
Citizenship Republic of Roscamistan
Nationality South African-Irish and Anglo-Irish
Political party United Party of Roscamistan
Other political
Relations Shaun Brotherton (father)
Residence Greater Roscam Province
Occupation Author, Public office holder, Para-Militant
Profession Author
Cabinet Brotherton Cabinet, Irwin Cabinet (formerly)
Committees Central Committee of the Sepranan Communist Party
Portfolio President of Roscamistan
Religion Roman Catholic
Website TBA
Military service
Nickname(s) Sir Sigglemass
Allegiance  Roscamistan
Service/branch Roscamistan Army
In service 2021 - (Roscamistan)
Rank Marshal of the Republic (Roscamistan)
Primus inter pares (Seprana)
Lord High Admiral (Empire of Barnland)
Unit Roscamistan Volunteer Force (Roscamistan)
Commands Roscamistan Defence Forces
Battles/wars The 17thMayCoup, Roscami War of Independence, Facist Coup of Roscamistan, Mervustan Conflict
Awards Order of the Count of Purple, Hero of Roscamistan,

The Honourable Sir Andrew Micheal John Brotherton, Baronet (born Andrew Micheal Brotherton 3 February 2008) is a South African-Irish micronationlist and author who has been serving as the 3rd President of Roscamistan in Roscamistan. He has also been involved in other micronations since he founded the Roscam Liberation Front in late January 2021. He is the Primus inter pares of the co-founders of Roscamistan, along with Culann Burke and a few others. He has been the longest-serving President of Roscamistan and has been responsible for greatly expanding the nation and making a more efficient government. He is the first known micronationalist from Galway City, creating the Galway Sector and the West Ireland Pact. He is also an author, having created a large array of comic books series under the Brotherton Corporation, formerly Kidz Comix Inc. He is also seen as the main political leader in Roscamistan, holding an extremely high amount of influence nicknamed the Paramount Authority. He has also been involved in a few other nations, such as the State of Norton, where he is a senator affiliated with the Norton Communist Party.

He is also a vocal advocate in his secondary school, opposing most decisions done by the student council. Jan Kotonski and he are the Premier and Vice-Premier of the stateless communist free territory known as the GETSS Commune.

Andrew had a history of playing Minecraft and making funny nation style communities, and became a full micronationalist when he declared the Republic of Roscamistan, citing that lockdowns were bad and that the Galway City Council was Roscamistan’s enemy. He appointed himself to be the first President, and appointed his friend Culann Burke to be the first Vice President. Over time, he got many of his friends from his primary school involved, including James Irwin and Kayden Conboy. He was later overthrown by James, Kayden and a few others in the 17thMayCoup. During that time, Andrew became the 1st Minister of Internal Polish Affairs, and became an advocate for Polish-Irish understanding, saying due to the similarities of their histories and shared religious beliefs they should work together. He also plotted to return to power with a countercoup, this ultimately never happened as James Irwin resigned from the presidency voluntarily, and Andrew returned, becoming President for the second time. From 23 June 2021 onwards, he made Roscamistan greater than imagined at independence. He annexed the Aran Islands and parts of Connemara as the provinces of Aran Islands and Connemara respectively. New cabinet ministers joined, Evan Irwin became the second Prime Minister of the Province of Mervustan, Adam Flannery, an old friend of Andrew’s and very interested in politics, joined the cabinet. After the summer was over, things became apparent that for Roscamistan to survive, more people who never went to school with Andrew Brotherton would need to be recruited. In October 2021, Matthew Williams joined Roscamistan and became the second Chief of the Defence Staff. From 23 August 2021 onwards, Adam Flannery rose in the ranks. When he quit temporarily from 21 October 2021 to 29 October 2021, he was the First Secretary of State, Defence Secretary, Paramount Leader, Administrative Officer of Mervustan, and Deputy Foreign Secretary. When he returned on 29 October 2021, all roles but the First Secretary of State and Deputy Foreign Secretary were given back, but was given the Foreign Secretary position, leaving him in effect responsible for all national defence and foreign affairs of Roscamistan along with Andrew.

In November 2021, as set by the new constitution of Roscamistan, five cabinet portfolios, the defence, foreign affairs, home affairs, recruitment and finance portfolios were up for election. Adam Flannery won most positions, but forfeited most of them except the Defence portfolio. He also won the special election for the Vice President of Roscamistan beating his only opponent Dean Merritt by a landslide. Andrew became Foreign Secretary, forfeiting the First Secretariat of State to Culann Burke. Cian Power became Recruitment Minister, Fearghas MacLochlainn became Home Secretary, Dean Merritt became Finance Minister (resigning in late December 2021 for health reasons), Andrew became Foreign Secretary, and Adam Flannery became Vice President and Defence Secretary. In December 2021, Andrew shocked the people of Roscamistan when he announced he would not be running for President of Roscamistan in the 2022 Roscamistan presidential election. (Some say it was due to term limits, other that he was trying to improve the diplomatic corps).

Andrew announced in January 2022 he would begin to write a book on politics and of the early history of Roscamistan.

Early life

Andrew Brotherton was born to Shaun Brotherton and Barbara Melia on 3 February 2008 in Galway City. When he was born, his parents did not have their own residence at the time, and he, with his parents in his grandparents’ home in Renmore. He grew up in a Catholic household (His father was raised Anglican, unlike the rest of his family). After nearly a year at his grandparents’ house, Andrew’s parents bought a home in Roscam in December 2008, right before the 2008 recession was taking it’s toll on the Republic of Ireland. He started to talk around 1 and a half, but didn’t talk properly until around 3 - 4. He enrolled at Gaelscoil Dara (A school taught through Irish) at age 5 in 2013, which later would make him very fluent in the language. He stayed at that school for his entire primary education, leaving in June 2021 after his final school year there.

He was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years old, and with High functioning Autism at age 8. He also has an hereditary condition from his father’s side that causes him to sweat at random and almost without reason He enrolled in Galway Educate Together Secondary School in 2021 at age 13.

Micronational life


The flag of Roscamistan, designed by Andrew Brotherton a few weeks after independence

Early History

When Ireland was forced into it’s third COVID-19 related lockdown in early January 2021, Andrew Brotherton grew frustrated at this, and came up with an idea to fight back. That idea was the Roscam Liberation Front, a military front that would fight back by silly forms of violence. Andrew made himself the first head of the front, with the title of Supreme Commander. He, with a few others, made a promise to free the east of Galway City. After a while and a few setbacks, the RLF was successful. On 18 February 2021, from atop of a climbing frame in a playground, Andrew Brotherton declared the Republic of Roscamistan and declared the east of Galway City free from the City Council. Without knowing it, when Culann Burke arrived on his scooter looking for Andrew Brotherton, he helped co-found Roscamistan. Andre became the first President and Culann became the first Vice President.

After the return of all Irish students to their schools after the easing of some lockdown restrictions allowed for it in mid March 2021, Andrew told many of his friends about the new state he created. Many were interested, and some gained positions in the new government. The area of Mervue, where his friend James Irwin lives, was annexed as a province and given autonomy within Roscamistan. Other friends, such as Kayden Conboy, David Moore, Dean Merritt and Tadhg O’Regan became members of government. A teacher at his school by the name of Fearghas MacLochlainn, who became his chief advisor. In Late April 2021, the Premier of Mervue province James Irwin saw his position become more powerful when the province of Mervue, and a few Roscami colonies, most notably Renmore Colony, merge together as the Province of Mervustan on 27 April 2021. James became the first Prime Minister of the autonomous government in the new province. In early May 2021, the regions of Roscam, Dougiska and Oranmore were merged by Andrew as the new province of Greater Roscam. After the disaster that was the giving out of free Rosso notes on 14 May 2021 and more central government in Mervustan province, James Irwin took advantage of this. From 17 May 2021 to 18 May 2021, James Irwin, Kayden Conboy, and few others fought against the Brotherton Government, and on 18 May 2021 in what was known as the 17thMayCoup. James Irwin replaced Andrew Brotherton as President of Roscamistan, and Kayden Conboy replaced Culann Burke as Vice President.

After coup

After the coup, Andrew Brotherton kept plotting his return, but as the holder of the low Internal Polish Affairs portfolio, he didn’t have much influence. On 8 June 2021, James Irwin appointed Andrew Co-Vice President, serving with Kayden Conboy. James Irwin during this time was at times, largely ineffective at his job. During this time, Andrew Brotherton plotted his return, making pro Brotherton propaganda on TikTok.

On 23 June 2021, the Irwin governments in both Roscamistan and the Province of Mervustan collapsed. Andrew became the third President of Roscamistan, succeeding James. Kayden Conboy was sacked and Culann Burke was appointed the 4th Vice President of Roscamistan. With Andrew back, he started to make more and more plans realities

Summer of 2021=

The summer of 2021 presented a massive opportunity for Roscamistan to take off. On 22 July 2021, Fearghas MacLochlainn became the first Home Secretary and Administrative Officer of Aran Islands. The Aran Islands were also annexed to Roscamistan as a province. On 29 July 2021, Evan O’Neill, a friend of Tadhg O’Regan, became the first Governor-General of the Province of Connemara. Kate Keady became the 2nd Foreign Secretary, and more women joined the cabinet.

But all those changes did not matter as on 23 August 2021, Adam Flannery, a long time friend of Andrew’s from primary school, was invited to join the Cabinet (Adam had heard of Roscamistan and it’s MicroWiki pages. His account User:Viewer got into some trouble with Andrew as he didn’t know at the time that User:Viewer was Adam). With an able minded minister and member of the new guard in his team, Andrew began to do other things in Roscamistan, such as foreign affairs and defence. On 1 September 2021, after a civil war, the Republic of South Atillaterra and the Republic of Roscamistan decided to form a Union called the Atillaterra-Roscami Confederation. Andrew Brotherton became the first President and President Mike Bramwell of South Atillaterra became the first Vice President. This confederate union collapsed on 15 September 2021, when the enemies of South Atillaterra the Republic Hamptonshire and the State of Green-Rock were admitted to the confederation. South Atllaterra left, and the confederation collapsed. It’s successor entity, the Roscami Colonial Empire was proclaimed, with the former Presidency of the Confederation now the Supreme Rulership of the Colonial Empire. Andrew became the first Supreme Ruler, a de facto figurehead as the new territories were administered by the Foreign Office of Roscamistan.

Autumn of 2021

On 19 September 2021, Adam Flannery with Evan Irwin, Prime Minister of the Province of Mervustan, created the Mervustan Militia, under the command of Adam Flannery. Adam became the first Administrative Officer of Mervustan, the representative of the Central Government in the Province of Mervustan. Evan Irwin became the Lieutenant Commander by virtue of being the Prime Minister of Mervustan. On 10 October 2021, Matthew Williams was invited to become the second Chief of the Defence Staff, a position unused since the accession of James Irwin to the Roscamistan Presidency.

On 21 October 2021, Adam Flannery resigned from the cabinet temporarily after he thought his reforms were not being taken seriously. He returned on 29 October 2021 to most of his positions except the First Secretary of State. He became the 3rd Foreign Secretary. On 3 November 2021, Andrew carried out the Reforms of November, which carried out the following. Sacking of nearly all the Cabinet, the Sacking of Evan Irwin, David Moore becoming acting PM replacing Evan, and the end of the claim to the United Provinces of Greenia. After Dean Merritt returned to Roscami politics, he became Deputy Prime Minister of Mervustan.

Winter of 2021

In November 2021, as required by the 2nd Constitution, the defence, foreign affairs, home affairs, recruitment and finance portfolios were up for election (The Vice Presidency was up for special election after the Adam Flannery won most of the positions, but forfeited most of them so he could be the Vice President of Roscamistan and the Defence Secretary. Cian Power became the Recruitment Minister, Fearghas MacLochlainn became Home Secretary, Dean Merritt became Finance Secretary, and Andrew became the Foreign Secretary. Andrew Brotherton also was awarded the rank of Marshal of the Republic in the Roscamistan Defence Forces. In December 2021, Andrew announced he would not be running in the 2022 Roscamistan presidential election, saying he would stay the Foreign Secretary.

GETSS Commune

When Andrew Brotherton founded the GETSS Commune, a stateless communist society in his secondary school on 7 January 2022, he made the opposition group called the GETSS Soviet, led by Jan Kotonski as Chairman and Andrew as Vice-Chairman the government of the new Commune. Jan’s position was renamed Premier of GETSS Commune and Andrew Brotherton became the Vice-Premier of GETSS Commune. Matthew Williams stayed as General Secretary of GETSS Commune.


On 10 January 2022, Andrew established the Sepranan People’s Republic, a communist dictatorship with land on some islets in Oranmore. Andrew became the first Premier of Seprana and the first General Secretary of the Sepranan Communist Party. He became the supreme leader of Seprana. On 19 January 2022, Matthew Williams became the first Vice Premier of Seprana.

Empire of Barnland

On 25 November 2021, Andrew became the first Emperor of Barnland, the head of state of the Second Empire of Barnland.

Personal life

In macronational life, Andrew Brotherton ran a couple of YouTube channels. He also serves as a critic of his secondary school student council. He is also believes that American English is inferior to British English.


He first discovered MicroWiki’s existence in July 2021, finding it useful to make history pages. His first registered account was User:Banado Sigglemass though his main account is User:Amogus with almost 3,000 edits on MicroWiki.


He is a communist, though he does not agree to with atheism in communism, saying it should mould around your religious beliefs. He is also an advocate for Catholicism to be state religion of Ireland while keeping freedom of religion.



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  4. Jan, ze panzers are coming
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  1. Lockdowns are now tools of the evil monsters that are destroying our democracies and our freedoms. Public Health is being used to remove undesirables, the people who use their rights not to be subject to undesired medical procedures. If this trend of using public health as an excuse to end democracy continues, a revolution, of all free peoples. If my right to pray is removed, I never want to live. - Andrew Brotherton 2022
  2. Roscamistan is two things, a nation and a place in our hearts - Andrew Brotherton 2022
  3. Latin is the language of emperors, while French is the language of revolutionary snail eating froggies - Andrew Brotherton 2022


He has been bestowed many high honours, such as the Order of the Great Comrades and the Hero of Roscamistan. He has also been the Baronet of Brotherton is the former Peerage of Greater Roscam since the dissolution of the Royal Authority on 3 November 2021.

Medal Honour Post-nominal
Hero of Roscamistan HOR
Order of the Count of Purple OCP
Baronet of Brotherton Bt
Lord High Admiral of the Empire of Barnland (Ireland) LHA of Barnland
Order of the Great Comrades OGC

List of roles outside of his main ones

Andrew Brotherton
Born: 3 February 2008
Political offices
Preceded by
Office established
President of the Liberal Democratic Party
5 November 2021 - 1 December 2021
Succeeded by
Office abolished (himself as the Leader of the United Party of Roscamistan)
Preceded by
Office established
Liberation Commander of the RLF
January 2021-
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Office established
Prime Minister of Greater Roscam
25 November 2021 - present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Himself (as Emperor SixMeteor)
Emperor of Barnland
26 November 2021 - present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Adam Flannery
4th Foreign Secretary of Roscamistan
28 November 2021 - present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Peerage created
Duke of Coletburg
3 November 2021 - present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Queen Anne (de jure)
uncrowned King of Scotland
Preceded by
office established
Press Secretary of Zeprana Succeeded by