Andanian Revolutionary War

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Flag Map of Andany.png This article relates to the Principality of Andany. CoA Andany.png
Andanian Revolutionary War
Andanian Revolutionary War Montage.jpg
Date12 March 2018 - 14 March 2018
Result Peace in Andany for nature conservation areas.


Floris Flag.png Floreneans

Supporters for Nature Reserve

Flag of District of Floriano.png Florians
Flag of Mendia.png Mendians
Flag of Zuhaitza.png Zuhaitzans
Commanders and leaders

Rebel Leader

Floris Flag.png Will van den Boom  Surrendered

Conservationist Leader

Flag of District of Floriano.png Pablo Macias
2 4

The Andanian Revolutionary War was an internal conflict in the Principality of Andany about conserving the Hudson Mountain Range into a nature conservation area. The rebel against the conservation idea was Will van den Boom, a Roman Imperial Party Senator who claimed that making a preserve wouldn't help the flora and fauna. The conflict began on 12 March 2018 after the National Assembly of Andany could not make a resolution towards the conservation area. It ended on 14 March 2018 after a peace agreement was signed in order to maintain Andany as a country and for nature to be preserved in Andanian culture and society.

11 March

The National Assembly of Andany met at Assembly Hall in the District of Floriano to complete and decide upon a resolution towards making the Hudson Mountain Range into a nature conservational area for natural recreation. A Senator of the Roman Imperial Party was against the idea for creating the area. Instead, he claimed that mining would allow for a better economic boom in Andany. On the other hand, Athenian Imperial Party leader Pablo Macias (the Prince of Andany) disagreed with Will van den Boom. His ideology was that creating the conservational area would allow for a boost in tourism for the protected nature reserve, as many species of flora and fauna live in the Hudson Mountain Range. A vote on the idea was followed, with a 50/50, causing chaos to erupt in Assembly Hall. The Prince of Andany was escorted, and thus ensued the Revolutionary War for nature in Andany.

War Day

In the early morning of 12 March, the Prince of Andany was protected in the shelter of his home while 2 angry citizens protested at the Prince's home. The PAS Orion naval ship from the Andanian Navy guarded Hibiscus Bay from any mishaps in Ginepro and Hibiscus Bay. Protesters marched along the beach of Hibiscus Bay through midday until helicopters whizzed overhead, demanding them to refrain from the continued actions. The protesters persued the helicopters and kept protesting, even setting an oak tree on fire. Since oak is the national tree in Andany, it was frowned upon to burn any flora and fauna, especially one that is national or which appears on the flag. Conservationist leader Pablo Macias stood his ground and marched with his followers to Paradise Bay. At Paradise Bay, the Prince of Andany showed his affection for nature, along with his followers, by releasing Painted lady (Vanessa cardui) butterflies into the Andanian forest. This movement angered the already mad Will van den Boom. This caused the Prince of Andany to declare war on behalf of the National Assembly against Will van den Boom and his supporter.

The Battle of Hudson Creek

At 5:02 PM AST, Pablo Macias and his supporters gathered arms and fought against the two anti-conservation idea. The Prince of Andany and one of his supporters was hit with a weak arrow from Will van den Boom. In return, the conservationalist side backfired with better arrows, injuring the leader, Will van den Boom. These were the only injuries in the entire war, leaving it as the first and worst war in Andanian history. The battle of Hudson Creek occured near the Hudson Mountain Range at the Frenchman River basin and wash. A minor flood delayed the battle, but it continued. The semi-windy weather also allotted delays to happen. Overall, the battle was a major occurance in the whole war.

13 March

The infamous "Soldier at the Border" painting made by the Prince of Andany was painting to depict one of the Prince's supporters defending Andany. He is seen running and hiding at the bushes near the southern border of Andany. Will van den Boom had been retreating to the Duyatán Peninsula for medical and arms reasons. He claimed to have run low on supplies and he had an infected wound from the strong arrow which had struck him the day before. Not many events happened on this day, as 13 March would prove to be the last combat day. I minor battle did happen in Ginepro, only for the Prince to retreat because of high tide not allowing them to fully shoot the opposing side.

14 March

At 7:40 AM AST, Will van den Boom and the other anti-conservationalist follower surrendered to the Prince of Andany and his followers. The reasons was stated to the Prince of Andany shortly after:

I do feel like the flora and fauna need a good habitat and protected zone to flourish in. My hateful acts have proven wrong, as it would only make more money economically, not ecologically.

— Will van den Boom

The Prince, his followers, Will van den Boom, and his followers all signed a peace agreement called the "Hudson Agreement". The purpose was to establish recreational parks for the flora and fauna of the Hudson Mountain Range and River Valley. 2 Andanian citizens did remain neutral throughout the entire ordeal. Some propaganda for either side was shown on national television. Following the signing of the Hudson Agreement, the Prince himself visited the nature reserve along with Will van den Boom. They explored and found some of the Painted lady butterflies still in Andany. This inspired the Prince to start the National Conservation Agency. The national organization was created to find, help, and protect Andanian flora and fauna.