Andanian Regal

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Flag Map of Andany.png This article relates to the Principality of Andany. CoA Andany.png
Andanian Regal
Regal symbol
In circulation since July 2017 current series
Code REG
Symbol §
Banknotes Vouchers of 1, 5 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 provisionally
Coins (Named Lilan(s)) 5, 25, 50
Central bank Bank of Andany
Mint Bank of Andany
Printer Bank of Andany
Inflation 0% (Nov 2019)

The Andanian Regal (French: Regal d'Andany) is the currency of the Principality of Andany, since 25 July 2017.
It has not any sort of subunit, and it is based entirely on banknotes and some coins. The Andanian Regal is pegged on 4 ounces of Andanian gold to §1 Regal.


The Andanian Regal has been created, and adopted as national currency, on 25 July 2017.


Image Value
Color Description Date of Issuance


Reverse Obverse Reverse
§1 Regal Obverse.png §1 Regal Inverse.png §1 REG
Royal blue An engraving of the Prince of Andany with the 3 states represented as the Orion belt and the Andanian Coat of Arms. An oval with sheet music for all the musical accomplishments the Prince of Andany and all Andanian ctizens have done. 25 July 2017