Anarchal State of Grand Askio

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The Anarchal State of Grand Askio aka A.S.G.A is a small micronation that is that wanted to gain independents from the The Capitalistic Republic of Askio. It had declared independence from askio at 8:12 of 1/1/2019.

Anarchal State of Grand Askio

2019 — ?


Hoc exemplum adservans titulum (Latin: This motto is an example)
National anthem of Example
First Map of askio.png
Capital city None
Largest city Has no citys
Official language(s) All
Official religion(s) Anti-theism
Short name Ankarian
Demonym Askiorian
Government Anarcho-capitalism
Legislature Anarchy
Established 2019
Area claimed All of Europe
Population Unkown (as of now)
Currency Wordollar
Time zone none
National sport Wordling
National animal Human
This micronation is in a civil war


ASGA-Askio.png The flag of the Anarchal State of Grand Askio is the flipped flag of Askio.


There isn't one since the Anarchal State of Grand Askio is a Anarchal State.

Basic Info

The Anarchal State of Grand Askio Is a Anarcho Capitalistic state, wile it did leave askio and its government it did not leave its currency the Wordollar nor did the Askiorians drop thier Capatalistic Ideals. A.S.G.A is expected to beat Askio in terms of population population due to it being far easier to become a member, but because of its Anarchal system it is impossible to calculate its exact population.


A.S.G.A shares most of its Ideology with Askio the only deferance is one is a capitalistic, pure democracy wile the other is a form of Capitalistic Anarchy.

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