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—  City  —
Nation Flagofdelvera.jpg Grand Republic of Delvera
Region Delveran War Ensign.jpg II District, Republican Military Protectorate
Incorporated 25 June 2012
 - Chief Director Bob Monroe
Population (2015)
 - Total 3
Demonym Amoran
Time zone US Central (w:UTC-6)

Amora ([uh-MOHR-uh]) is the capital city of the Republican Military Protectorate. It is the home of Bob Monroe, the Chief Director of the Protectorate and currently the only citizen to reside within the region's borders. It is known as the most productive agricultural city in the nation.


Amora is located in the II District of the Protectorate and is comprised of seven structures, one of which is inhabited. It is the largest producer of wild and domestic animal products in the Grand Republic, with exports ranging from wool and furs to eggs and deer sausage.