Amir Syafiq

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Amir Syafiq
Amir Syafiq 2014
3rd Governor of Bascal
Ketua Negara Mohd Sukeri
Mohd Firdaus
Predecessor Muhd Nabil
Successor Position abolished
Chief of Kamp Basca
Predecessor office created
Successor Position abolished
Chief of Bukit Guling
Predecessor office created
Successor Position abolished
Chief of Pagar Karat
Successor office created
Minister of Foreign and Domestic Affairs
Predecessor office created
Successor Position abolished
Personal information
Born 15 November 1997 (1997-11-15) (age 25)
Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
Birth name Amir Syafiq bin Mohd Sukeri
Citizenship Bascalian
Nationality Malaysian
Ethnicity Malay
Political party Bascal Democratic Party
Other political
Islamic Party of Bascal
Bascal Republican Party
Residence Singapore Street A.D
Profession Student
Religion Sunni Islam
Military service
Nickname(s) Various
Allegiance Bascal Police Force
Service/branch Border police
In service 2008 - 2013
Rank General

Amir Syafiq was the 3rd Governor of State of Bascal since 2011 to 2014. He once held the post as the Ketua Kampung of Kampong Basikal (2005-2006) and the Governor of Bascal ( January - December 2009) and eventually held a post again on july 2011, replacing Muhd Nabil. Amir was also the President of the largest and the country's only party Bascal Democratic Party and a district leader of Kamp Basca D.C, Pagar Karat and Bukit Guling.
He also held the office as the President of Bascal Air, Minister of Transportation and Minister of foreign and domestic affairs from 2010 to 2014.


Amir Syafiq or his full name Amir Syafiq bin Mohd Sukeri was born on 15 November 1997 in Malaysia.


Amir entered micronationalism in 2009. prior to micronationalism, he was the Chief of Kampong Basikal for 4 years. The idea of founding a country was around 2008, he took influences from GTA games, Marine Park Empire,YouTube and Wikipedia. On 7 January 2009, he declared Bascal as a separate nation. After that, he founded Islamic Party of Bascal and becoming a member until he joined Bascal Republican Party for a few months. Later that year, he founded Bascal Democratic Party. The main reason of him to join micronationalism was because he wanted to know "how politics works and how to lead the country".

Governor of Bascal

After the independence, he was the first Governor of Bascal but he held the office for only 6 months until the position was given to Muhd Nabil. In 2010, a position was given back by Amir Syafiq due to population and political problems. He was involved in many of micronational acitivities and becoming a member and observer in various micronational organisations.

Personal life

Amir is a Malay by ethnicity and a devout Muslim. He speaks English, Standard Malay, Kelantanese and his native Terengganuan. He is a fan of Real Madrid F.C and Liverpool as well as local football team Terengganu F.A. His favourite sports are Badminton, Cycling and association football but prefers badminton above all. His main hobbies are writing, drawing, and playing video games.


On 16 October 2014, Amir officially announced that he will retire from being the Governor of Bascal and the Micronational world. He also announced the official dissolution of the State of Bascal. On 15 November, Amir officially resigned from being the Governor and also declared the dissolution of Bascal.

Amir's official resignation and the dissolution of the State of Bascal, posted in Facebook Group, 16 October 2014:

I would like to make an announcement, on 15th November 2014. The State of Bascal will officially inactive from any sort of micronational activities. And also, I will retire from being a Governor of Bascal and a Micronationalist after 5 years in the micronational world. I will also resign from all MASA positions. I would like to say thank you and sorry to all of you if I had done any mistakes when I was in the membership of MASA. Terima Kasih, Salamat, Gracias, Thank You. I would still be active within these last months before being fully retire next month.

Awards and Medals

  • Order of Saint Jude.jpeg Lord of the Order of Saint Jude

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