Ambetian Republic

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Ambetian Republic

Omnes nos sumus unum
(English: We are all one)

Two Fingers - Fools Rhythm
Cyberspace, Navassa, Midway Atoll
Capital cityXyro (Porposed)
Largest cityXyro
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)None; All are allowed
DemonymAmbetian, Ambetians
GovernmentDemocracy Republic
- PreonDylan Swanson
Established9 August 2012
Area claimed6 square miles
Time zoneEST

Official website Citizen Form

The micronation of Ambeta or the Ambetian Republic is a futuristic, eco-friendly, democratic republic online micronation that was founded in 2012. Among other things, it has claimed the islands of Navassa and Midway Atoll, all of the citizenry exists online and not on any land claims. Ambeta doesn't entertain alliances with non serious and non established micronations, and furthermore, does not recognize them as actual entities.

Ambeta territorial claims can be estimated at around 6 square miles in total with a population of under 10 claimed people. None of Ambeta's claims have actually been settled on and many are assumed to be uninhabited, with the exception of Midway Atoll. Land claims are spread out around the world, with an islands in the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico.


Ambeta was founded on August 9, 2012 by Dylan Swanson, who wanted to create a new nation and and better non-corrupt democracy. A website and Wikipedia page were created to express the legitimacy of the nation, with most claims and culture established by the Wikipedia page. The government organizational structure, departments, laws etc, were all in the amateur stage for the first few months but became more permanent over time. On October 2, 2013 the Ambeta Legal Code was drafted, which was a criminal and civil law for which rules and rights were established for citizens and the rights and rules of governing law. After creation the republic has mostly lain dormant until a later date when land claims may become actual settlements and not just theoretical. 

Land Claims

File:Sand Island.jpg
Midway Atoll Island from the sky.

The Ambeta official website noted the claims of the small islands Midway Atoll and Navassa. A city is allegedly being planned and will be constructed as a permanent capital on one of its land claims by around 2025. Some other notable claims include some hundreds of oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Citizens will have to go through a formal immigration process to immigrate to any land claim of Ambeta. The climate and geography of these land claims may vary greatly due to the fact that they are located at many different locations around the world. On October 3, 2013. Ambeta abolished its land claims of Harmil, Keplar 22b and abandoned oil rigs and claimed the pacific islands of Midway Atoll and Navassa Island.

Government and Politics

Governmental Structure of Ambeta

The Ambetian Republic is a democracy and hierarchy run by a Preon, the Head of State. The Preon makes major country decisions with the help of a System Panel of 40 Asrix , and has the power to veto and create laws, as well as the removal of citizens from government. The System Panel also has the same powers as the Preon excluding that of removal of citizens from government. Laws and policies are to be voted upon by a group of 600 randomly chosen citizens which isn't yet possible because Ambeta doesn't have enough citizens yet to even use this method.


Elections of Ambeta are held every 5 years with minor exceptions in war-time situations. Politicians can participate in the race by being nominated by a minimum of 300 citizens, and then all of the people running will then be voted upon by the public.


Ambeta is governed by a system of laws called the Ambeta Legal Code, an all governing document that also includes rights and freedoms of citizens along with other types of governing law. The punishments of the code are in classes called strikes, with more strikes the higher the punishment. This system of Laws helps to establish rules and regulations for citizens of the nation, with many laws similar to other nations. 

Foreign Relations

Ambeta supports and has a strict foreign relations policy, but has very few foreign relations with any other macronations or micronations. The NKSC accounts for all of Ambetas current foreign relations with other micronations with NKSC also being the only nation with a free trade agreement with Ambeta.


Branches of Military

Aerial Assault Force (AAF): The Aerial Assault Force or AAF is trained to fight aerial warfare, to control air traffic, and also regulate travel to and from Ambeta. The AAF is one of many military security programs to deploy drones, such as quadcotors and other autonomous vehicles for various tasks that cannot be accomplished by a human.

M2 Defense Force: M2 is the military of Ambeta, placed with the job of protecting the nations land claim borders and countries borders. The military is expanding and experimenting with different types of cyber-warfare and drones for future use in warfare. M2 is hoping to deploy future soldiers with functional exoskeletons that will help soldiers mover faster, stronger and have higer endurance and accuracy than their opponents on the battlefield.

Tactical Assault Squads (TAS): The Tactical Assault Squad or TAS is an elite unit that helps make up the Coast Division, TAS also deals with operations that are too difficult for the Police Force such as bomb threats and hostage rescues. TAS also does elite, covert operations, overseas and on land claims. The United States Navy Seals can be compared to the Tactical Assault Squads.

Coast Division: The Coast Division patrols off the coast of its borders and is put in charge of watching for and stopping potential incoming threats sea threats such as pirates and other invading nations. The Coast Division also has a sub division called Search & Rescue which recover citizens that are stranded in the ocean.


Ambeta doesn't maintain any industry currently. After the land claim on one of the Midway Atoll islands is settled, a 5-20 square acre solar farm will be built to power the capital and provide power to other countries power grids. Since the islands of Midway is surrounded by salt water a desalination plant will most like filter all of the nations water, surplus of the water will be traded in other nearby countries.

Currency and Mail

10L or 10 Linium

Ambeta's currency is called Linium, Linium is pegged to gold. Linium currency wont start to be printed until late 2015, the currency will be produced with polymers and recycled plastic. The bills will feature a barcode and/or a QR code to help identify the money. Ambeta's mail is managed by the Ambeta Postal Service which is currently working on creating postage stamps and setting up customs.


On September 27, 2013, Creation Day, New Year's Day, and Earth Day became national holidays of Ambeta. Creation Day occurs every year on August 9 to celebrate the forming of Ambeta, New Year's Day and Earth Day are both similar to the United States Holidays.


The national sport of the Ambeta is parkour, but a close second to parkour is Formula 1 racing. Ambeta also embraces many other sports, like football, ping pong, archery, track, and squash. When planning future cities, structures and paths are to be designed for traceurs to efficiently travel.

National Holidays

Name Date
Creation Day August 9
New Year's Day January 1
Earth Day April 22


The micronation of Ambeta is almost completely unknown to the media for now. If interested in writing about Ambeta, contact user:Adexium5

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