Amazon Lily Imperial Workers' Party

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Amazon Lily Imperial Workers' Party
亞馬遜百合帝國朝鮮勞動黨 (Traditional Chinese)
亚马逊百合帝国朝鲜劳动党 (Simplified Chinese)
アマゾン・リリー帝国朝鮮労働党 (Japanese)
Parti Ouvrier Impérial d'Amazon Lily (French)
ChairpersonsAlexander Yamamoto and Boa Hancock
Co-ChairwomenBoa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold
FounderAlexander Yamamoto and Boa Hancock
FoundedMay 18, 1983
HeadquartersImperial Workers' Party Section, Forbidden City, Amazon Lily City
NewspaperThe Emperor's News
Student wingAmazon Lily Students Imperial League
Youth wingAmazon Lily Imperial Youth League
Imperial League of Amazon Lily Girls
Amazon Lily Children's Imperial Union
Women's wingImperial League of Amazon Lily Women
Paramilitary wingWorkers and Peasants' Imperial Militia
Imperial Militia of Sisters
Supreme organCentral Committee of the
Imperial Workers' Party of Amazon Lily
Membership (1983)91,914,000
IdeologyCivic Juche
Political Syncretism
Political positionSyncretic
Colors     Red,      Black (official Imperial colours)
     Red (customary)
SloganLiberté, Égalité, Justice
Liberty, Equality, Justice
(Zìyóu, Píngděng, Zhèngyì)
(Jiyū, Byōdō, Seigi)a
AnthemLong live the Imperial Workers' Party of Amazon Lily
Longue vie au Parti Ouvrier Impérial d'Amazon Lily
StatusRuling party in the Empire of Amazon Lily
Imperial Senate
2,980 / 2,980
Party flag
Imperial Workers' Party of Amazon Lily Flag.png

a. Emperor Alexander Yamamoto adopted the French motto to his party as the official slogan, since he's a French-born Emperor of Amazon Lily.

The Amazon Lily Imperial Workers' Party ((Chinese: Traditional: 亞馬遜百合帝國朝鮮勞動黨; Simplified: 亚马逊百合帝国朝鲜劳动党; pinyin: Yàmǎxùn Bǎihé Dìguó Cháoxiǎn Láodòng Dǎng); Japanese: アマゾン・リリー帝国朝鮮労働党; French: Parti Ouvrier Impérial d'Amazon Lily) is a syncretic, civic juche, egalitarian and feminist political party and the single ruling party of the Empire of Amazon Lily.

Political positions

The Imperial Workers' Party holds a number of important political positions within the Empire of Amazon Lily and also related to international affairs including:

  • Support of equality and eradication of inequality among the Amazon Lily citizens.
  • Support of human rights, women's rights and civil rights.
  • Support for the Emperor, Empress and the Imperial Family.
  • To support and stand with LGBT followers against persecution.
  • To establish secularism and official prohibition of discrimination and persecution over religious institutions.
  • Opposition to Nazis and Neo-Nazis, including Fascists, Neo-Fascists and Communists who support racial policies and ideas.
  • To eradicate corruption and abusive interpretation of capitalism.
  • Establish Juche into a more tolerable and equal one.