Amazon Lily Imperial Armed Forces

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Armed Forces of the Empire of Paradise Island
Forces Armées de l'Empire de Paradise Island
Amazon Lily Imperial Army Flag.png
MottoHonor, Duty, Family
Honneur, Devoir, Famille
(Meiyo, Kanzei, Kazoku)
(Róngyù, Zérèn, Jiātíng)
FoundedMay 18, 1983
Current formMay 18, 1983
Service branches
  • Imperial Army
  • Imperial Air Force
  • Imperial Navy
  • Imperial Space Force
  • Imperial Starfighter Corps
  • Imperial Gendarmerie
  • Imperial Marine Corps
  • Imperial Coast Guard
  • Imperial Guard
  • Stormtrooper Corps
HeadquartersImperial High Command, Amazon Lily City
Supreme Commanders-in-ChiefAlexander Yamamoto and Boa Hancock
Military ExecutorKikyo
Commissar-GeneralAir Force General Hogarth Hughes
Minister of National DefenseImperial Marshal Margaret Hunter
Chief of the Joint General StaffArmy Marshal Cooper Marshall
Military age19+
Conscription5 months
Active personnel2,560,000
Reserve personnel600,000
Foreign suppliers Soviet Union
 United States
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The Armed Forces of the Empire of Amazon Lily (French: Forces Armées de l'Empire d'Amazon Lily; Japanese: アマゾン・リリー帝国軍隊 Amazon Rirī Teikoku Guntai; (Chinese: Traditional: 亞馬遜百合帝國軍隊; Simplified: 亚马逊百合帝国军队; pinyin: Yàmǎxùn Bǎihé Dìguó Jūnduì)), or Amazon Lily Imperial Armed Forces, Amazon Lily Armed Forces and Imperial Armed Forces are the military forces of the Empire of Amazon Lily, it is mainly composed of an Army, an Air Force, a Navy, a Gendarmerie, a Space Force, a Marine Corps, a Coast Guard and a Special Force, while the Stormtrooper Corps, the National Guard, the Imperial Security Squadron and the Imperial Guard serve as paramilitary forces. The Emperor and Empress head the armed forces as the Supreme Commanders-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.