Amatine League

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Amatine League
Amatine League Flag.png
Amatine League Emblem.png

Headquarters Amasburg (ceremonial)

Working language English

Membership 2 states

Secretary General Edward I

Foundation 14 April 2020

The Amatine League, colloquially known as The League is an international association of states formerly related to the Confederation of Amager. It was established on 14 April 2020 by the people of Ashukovo and New Viriginia in lieu of the Amagerian Union.

The League's objective is to cement and reinforce the bond between member states on the basis of their shared Amatine legacy.


Member states of the Amatine League

Flag and coat of arms Name
Council Delegation Roster
Relation to Amager
Kingdom of Ashukovo flag.png Republic of Ashukovo Coat of Arms.png Republic of Ashukovo 14 April 2020 Mladorossija 16 Ashukov, English, Russian Edward I Three of Ashukovo's founding nations were members states of Amager.
Flag of New Virginia.png Arms of New Virginia.svg Commonwealth of New Virginia 14 April 2020 New Richmond
de facto
68 English Brooklyn Hewitt New Virginian founder Brooklyn Hewitt was the last person to be at the head of Amager's Government; a significant portion of the City of New Richmond was part of the Amatine constituent state of Montania.