Amagerian Union

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Amagerian Union
Intermicronational organisation
Flag of the Amatine Nation

Anthem "Amagerian Psalm"


Official language English.

Membership 3 nations

President HM Brooke
Speaker of the General Assembly TBE

– Original foundation 6 April 2013
– First revival 1 January 2014
– Second revival 18 October 2018

The Amagerian Union is an international organisation dedicated to the preservation of Amatine culture and national identity. it was established on 6 April 2013, immediately after the Confederation of Saint Luke and Amager dissolved. It soon fell into dormancy, but was revived by it's remaining members on 1 January 2014. It again fell into dormancy before being resurrected on 18 October 2018.


Between 18 February to 6 April 2013 Domanglia (then known as Doshevika) was a constituent state of the Confederation of Amager. During this time the constituent states of Wick and Hobartstown and Victoria left Amager, and shortly thereafter Dominic, the Prince of Doshevika (then reigning under the name Vladimir II) presented a "Grand April Proclamation" to the Amatine government, requesting Doshevika's independence and advising the creation of a pan-Amagerian Union so that states such as Doshevika and Hobartstown & Victoria could maintain their Amatine identity even after leaving the Confederation. Leon Simpson (Amagerian President) and Luke Albertschine (founder of Amager and leader of Hobartstown and Victoria) decided it would be a good idea to disestablish the Confederation altogether, believing that having only three constituent countries left (Montania, Libereco and Akharnes) would not be sufficient. So, on the same day, the Confederation of Amager was dissolved and all the remaining constituent countries (including Doshevika) achieved independence. Being the catalyst for the dissolution of Amager, Dominic, as Prince of Domanglia, claims the title Destroyer of Amager to this day. With the dissolution of the Confederation, the Amagerian Union, Dominic's proposed free association of sovereign Amatine micronations, took its place, with Leon Simpson as its first President. However, Doshevika/Domanglia (then named Saint Edward and Zealand) was dissolved on 27 May of that year, as was Libereco within a similar time period. On 25 May, meanwhile, the former Amagerian states of Akharnes, Montania, Dradelia, and Dorién had re-united to form a new union called the Ashukov Federation. Hobartstown and Victoria meanwhile was dissolved in 2014. It is easy to see, then, with all this going on how the Amagerian Union quickly became obsolete.

However, on 15 November 2013 Domanglia was re-established as a non-territorial micronation called the Commonwealth of Theledira, and meanwhile the buzz of pan-Amatine nationalism began to return. On 1 January 2014 the Amagerian Union was revived, but it quickly became dormant again, and as soon as 3 February 2014 Domanglia/Theledira was again dissolved.

On 22 September 2018 Domanglia was re-established in the form of the Principality of Domanglia, and on 14 October 2018 the Commonwealth of Havnesgade-Amager was established as a successor to the original Confederation of Amager. Dominic, Prince of Domanglia pushed for his brainchild the Amagerian Union to be revived, and it duly was. An "Amagerian Union Treaty" was drawn up by the Prince. Joseph, King of Havnesgade-Amager, signed his own personal copy of the Treaty rather than the Treaty proper, the Prince of Montania merely ratified the Treaty whereas a signature was required, and the Prince of Domanglia, not seeing anyone else's signatures on the Treaty proper, did not sign the Treaty at all as he waited for the others. In the ensuing confusion King Joseph declared[1] the re-establishment of the Amagerian Union in an article for the Amasburg Times dated 18 October 2018. However, as the Treaty proper remained unsigned by any of the signatories the Prince of Domanglia did not recognise the re-establishment of the Amagerian Union nor his country's membership thereof.

However, on 17 November, a month later, the situation was rectified when the Prince of Domanglia, with the approval of the King of Amager, issued an Order in Council retroactively recognising the publication of King Joseph's article as the official re-establishment of the Amagerian Union and the beginning of his country's renewed membership in the Union.


The Amagerian Union has had various member-states over the years as the successor states to the Confederation of Amager have variously merged, reorganised themselves, and dissolved. The current membership as of the Amagerian Union's revival on 18 October 2018 is as follows: