Hiro Takashima

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Hiro Takashima
Amadeo Timothy
Hiro's portrait during his Chancellery
Chancellor of Shengli
In office
15 July 2015 - 21 July 2015
Emperor Que Wu-huang
Predecessor "Office established"
Successor Que Wu-huang
Chancellor of Yoko
In office
21 July 2015 - 10 August 2015
Predecessor "Office established"
Successor Okihara Yamato
Personal information
Born 26 May
Birth name Amadeo Timothy
Citizenship Indonesian
Nationality Yokonese
Ethnicity Indonesian
Political party Independent
Religion Christian

Hiro Takashima (Japanese:ヒロ鷹島) and his Shenglinese name Tan Ai-man also known with his birth name Amadeo Timothy is the 1st Chancellor of Empire of Yoko. He was appointed by Kiseki Toyosaki and soon derived from its position by Toyosaki and replaced by Okihara Yamato.