Free Republic of Althaealand

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The Free Republic of Althaealand

"Moribus, non opinionibus electiones"
"The Free Mast"

Official language(s)English(Primary), French, Italian, German
- QueenHannah Whyte
- PresidentDrew Young
Established15 November 2017
Time zoneUTC+12:00 Pacific/Auckland

Althaealand, officially the Free Republic of Althaealand, is a New Zealand-based micronation founded on 15 November 2017. The population comprises mostly of acquaintances, close friends, and family members of Queen Hannah, the nation's monarch.

Behind the motto

"Moribus, non opinionibus electiones", "Character, not choices nor beliefs" represents that citizens of Althaealand are to never be judged based solely on their cultural or personal beliefs but rather on their character, as in Althaealand all are equal


The Free Republic of Althaealand was founded on the 15 November 2017, after The Kingdom of Meleninia split into two separate nations the other half being the Marxist Union of Bobossia. Althaealand was founded by Two of Meleninia's previous citizens, of whom titled themselves 'Her and His Majesty' within the state. Until Prince Drew left the country behind, late 2017-2018. For Months on end, Althaealand remained more or less, Defunct. Until March 2018, Now Queen Hannah Whyte revived the country as her own.