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In micropatrology, an alternative government is a form of sovereignty (in some senses, a form of micronationalism) in which a panel of officials (a government) pertains to be an authority over a geographical region controlled by another force but does not claim to be the only or sole authority.


In 1981, George Francis Cruickshank formed Atlantium. In line with its claim to be a "primarily non-territorial" state Atlantium does not maintain any formal territorial claims; however, it does promote the idea that Cruickshank's apartment, and the Province of Aurora, have extraterritorial status. In this way, Atlantium can be described as a form of alternative government, however, does not fit the definition exactly as Cruickshank does not describe micronations (including his own,) as sovereign.[1]

Non-territorial micronations

Between 1981 and 2010, only one form of alternative governments existed - Non-territorial. In 2010, the Free State of Prussia was formed and the current definition of alternative government is first documented. However, the Free State of Prussia was very much isolated and fell into inactivity later that year.

Aryavart, DIPA and modern era

In 2011, Aryavart declared independence and is the first recorded political entity to use the term "alternative government". However, the term itself moved away from its original meaning. In 2012, the current term alternative government came into meaning from the original meaning.

Implications of alternative governments

Transitional & Provisional states

In order to deter unneeded civil war or wars of independence, it is possible to use alternative governments to represent unrepresented ethnic groups, as a form of transitional or provisional state from the original nation to the separated territories.

An alternative government for a unified Ireland could act as a transitional state to a true unified state, to represent enclaved Nationalist peoples


  1. "a micronation is any entity which purports to be or has the appearance of being a sovereign state but isn't..." (http:///, a site ran by Cruickshank)