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Province of Altaria
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of United States with Missouri highlighted
Map of Altaria and Sphere of Influence
Capital Bremen
Largest city Bremen
 - Total 3 acres
(1.2 hectares)
 - Total 15 (2013)
Admission to Grand Republic  29 May 2013 (2nd)
Governor Nikias Wernher
Deputy Lothar Kranz
Time zone CST (UTC-6)
Abbreviations ALT

The Province of Altaria, or Altaria ([awl-TAIR-ee-uh]), was a province of the Grand Republic of Delvera located in the U.S. state of Missouri. The Province included suburban properties within the city of Sedalia, MO and citizens thereof.


Altaria began as an exclave of the Commonwealth of Lavrasia in late 2012, becoming recognized as a semi-autonomous District in December. The territory was founded and overseen by Nikias Wernher, a close friend of the Lord Governor, David Sarkozy. Wernher recruited several of his friends into this endeavor, earning an officer’s commission for his efforts.

Altaria was a leading advocate for independence from the NottaLottan Empire, and is recognized as the second Province of Delvera to be formed. At its height, the Province rivaled or surpassed Lavrasia in number of citizens and military strength, though the education and careers of the citizens, as well as steadily growing disinterest in micronationalism, curbed event turnout. This inactivity would prove to be the Province’s downfall, and when Governor Wernher moved to Lavrasia in May 2014, the Province was formally dissolved by the Delveran government.

Altarians held half of the positions in the Delveran High Command and the Vice Consulship in Summer 2013, and the Delveran Infantry Regiment was headquartered there until the following Spring. Though it was proposed multiple times that Altaria host a military training exercise, a suitable venue and sufficient local support could not be secured, thus it never occurred.

Sphere of Influence

Altaria’s sphere of influence included Pettis County in central Missouri.


The flag of Altaria was the cross of St. Piran, a symbol of County Cornwall in England. It was adopted in May 2013.


  • Altaria was one of the four original signatories of the Declaration of Independence from the NottaLottan Empire and the Delveran Writ of Rights in May 2013.
  • The original capital of the Province was Alta, but the government was relocated to Bremen because of poor facilities and social conditions in the former.