Islamic Emirate of Alsynistan

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Islamic Emirate of Alsynistan
Alsynistan Flag.pngFlagAlsynistan Coat of Arms.pngCoat of arms

"Unity, Discipline, Faith!"
"O, brothers!"
Hong Kong
Official language(s) English (de facto)
Official religion(s) Sunni Islam
Short name Alsynistan
Demonym Alsynistani
Government Islamic theocracy
- Head of State Mullah Ahmed Assad
Legislature Supreme Islamic Council
Established 2011
Area claimed 0.0032km²
(0.00123552691 sq mi)
Population 8
Currency Alsynistani dinar
Time zone Hong Kong Time (HKT; +8)
National sport Football
National animal Giant panda

The Islamic Emirate of Alsynistan is a landlocked micronation in East Asia. With a population of 8, it has a total area of 0.0032 km². Alsynistan is bordered on all sides by the Hong Kong SAR. It consists of two major apartment blocks.


"Alsyn" is derived from the Arabic word meaning "China.", while "-istan" is taken from the Persian suffix "-stan" meaning "place of."


On August 26th 2011, Mullah Ahmed Assad, angered by his government's utter lack of concern for it's people, emailed the Taliban in an attempt to persuade them to join him in Jihad against Hong Kong's Legislative Council. On August 28th, while awaiting a reply, the Taliban's website probably blocked by Hong Kong government. Blaming the Hong Kong Government for the site's mysterious probably blockage, Assad announced his plans to secede, and on August 29th, at Sunset, the beginning of Eid al-Fitr, the festival marking the end of Ramadan, the micronation was declared.

Government and politics

Alsynistan, officially the Islamic Emirate of Alsynistan, is a self-described "Islamic Theocracy," but is most often labelled an "extemist state." The nation's unicameral, and some would say rubber stamp, parliament, the Supreme Islamic Council acts as both Alsynistan's legislature and judiciary. The Chairman of the Supreme Islamic Council, who holds this position for life, is the nation's head of state. Their is no system in effect to replace a deposed Chairman.

Law and order

The judicial system of Alsynistan is based on the Supreme Islamic Council's bizarre interpretation of Shariah, most often referred to as "Islamic Law."

Foreign relations

Alsynistan maintains minimal relations with a few micronations including the Democratic People's Republic of Arbanon, and the People's Republic of Mandania. Alsynistan is also presently working at gaining the recognition of the Taliban in Afghanistan.


For the time being, Alsynistan has no standing military, although every citizen is adequately armed in the event of an emergency.

Geography and climate

The climate of Alsynistan is a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate, just short of being a tropical wet-and-dry climate.


All media in Alsynistan comes from the Supreme Islamic Council. The Alsynistani Central News Agency provides the only source of information for all media outlets in the country.