Alston-Jellicoe Region (Sirocco)

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Alston-Jellicoe Region
Astie-Jeliče Renkeln
Alston-Jellicoe logo.png
Country Andersonian_Flag.png Sirocco
Incorporated 2012
Population 12
Provinces and Dependencies Bolton Flag.png Bolton
Cambria Flag.png Cambria
Jellicoe Flag.png Jellicoe
Muldoon Flag.png Muldoon Protectorate
Trafalgar Flag.png Trafalgar
Cities Alston, Kent, Minnerichell, Ridgelow
Towns Ballance's Beach, Ballmore, Hilly Gully, Islington, Port Ackland, Port Mayfair, Rockport, Shelly Bay, Snell Cliffs, Sussex Cliffs, Vista Cliffs
Constituent territorial authorities Ackland District
Alston City
Kent City
Maran District
Minnerichell City
Ridgelow City
Regional seat Alston
Not to be confused with the city of Alston or the province of Jellicoe.

The Alston-Jellicoe Region (AWL-stun JELL-ə-ko; Siroccan: Astie-Jeliče Renkeln) is a region of Sirocco. It comprises four provinces (Bolton, Cambria, Jellicoe and Trafalgar) and one dependency (the Muldoon Protectorate).