Alperen Kadim Gazi

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Alperen Kadim Gazi
First President of Turkey Turkestan
Assumed office
25 May 2016-29 December 2016
Predecessor Turkey Turkestan established
Successor Turkey Turkestan defunct
First,Third and Fourth President of Cırbülay
Assumed office
29 December 2016
Predecessor Cırbülay established
Successor Cırbülay defunct
Second Prime Minister of Kingdom of Buralia
Assumed office
13 November 2017 - 29 December 2017
Predecessor Sefa Kaya
Successor Buralia defunct
Sultan of Empire of Alperia
Assumed office
12 January 2018-14 December 2018
Predecessor Alperia established
Successor Alperia Defunct
President of Republic of Insuelia
Assumed office
23 November 2018
Predecessor Alperia established
Successor Imcumbent
Personal information
Born 14 June 2005 (2005-06-14) (age 16)
Citizenship Turkish ,Insuelianish,Iustusian,Aenderese
Ethnicity Turkish
Residence Alperia Territory/Insuelia
Occupation None (student)

Alperen Kadim Gazi, a politician, a micronationalist Alpenish. Buralia leadership in all countries except. 2015, an imaginary country, since Alperenistan.Monarchism is a supporter of the constitutional monarchy.Yet in an order.

Pre-Micronational Life

Alperen Kadim Gazi was born in Kahramanmaras. He lived in İzmir. A brother came to the world in 2007. He and his brother are not a micronationalist. He founded the club in 2015 and ended the previous micronational life and started the microantioanl career.

Micronational career

Alperen I Alperenistan in the year 2015 with a club by the name of micronational. This imaginary country. He led the country for a while. After assigning the task of an imaginary person. 2016 in May was President of Turkey Turkestan. He took part in the civil war in Turkey to Turkestan. Treasurer, Cırbülay was President of Turkey Turkestan. After a short while became President again lost two players to the country selection. But the Prime Minister resign.The country collapsed and set up Alperia on February 12, 2018. Two days later joined United Micropact.

Personal life

Alperen Kadim Gazi like to draw pictures and to research. He loves the babies. Sometimes it hangs at Devianart. He loves the village.He like exotic fruits.He lives in Alperia Territory.Then he founded Insuelia and introduced Alperia in it.


Battle is nothing but cowardice.

— Alperen Kadim Gazi's thought on the emotions of war