Communist Union of Almendria

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The Union of Almendria is a nation primarily located in the South Cone. It was created in 2016 as a monarchy with only one citizen. In June 6th, the Republic of Azeria joined and became the Autonomous Republic of Azeria. The The Peoples' Commissariat of Daeteria soon followed. In June 27th, Daeteria left. After Daeteria left Almendria became a unstable nation[citation needed]. At present, the Union of Almendria is an Oldavian province.

Union of Almendria

Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)All
- QueenK-Su
Population21* 4 not fully registered
Time zoneGMT -3


Early History

Almendria was founded during 2016, within the South Cone of the Americas.

The early history of Almendria is known to be rather obscure, with most officials of the time unable or unwilling to report on it[1].

Almendrian Crisis

Almendria was, fastly gaining influence in the community, most nations didnt like that their citizen count rose to 20 in only one day. - People mainly said Almendria was growing too fast and almendria is too big. Almendria already have ministers and president, and was a growing micronation. This induced fear in many less-developed nations. Almendria also had a network of nations united, that was to become the Almendrian Coalitionary Force. But all fears started blazing when it was discovered almendria was asking other micronations to unite, though it was fully voluntarily.[citation needed]


Following the conclusion of the war, the server was briefly occupied by Valdieuria[2], forming the incredibly short lived Province of Almendria. Following civil infighting by pro-democracy of the Almendrian Liberation Front and New Almendria, the Province was transferred to The Knights Templar, who disestablished the province after a mere three hours, and and made it a self-filed union.

Following the end of the Almendrian War, the Templar ceded the territory once more to K-Su, the Queen of Almendria[3], shortly prior to the treaty concluding the war.


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