Allied States of Terrevica

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The Allied States of Terrevica

"Multa Paucis Regitur" "Many Ruled by Few"
On Terrevica
Omaha, United States
Capital city Domain 1, Terrevica
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Free Religion
Demonym Terrevican
Government Oligarchy
Legislature Ministry of the State
Established 9/28/2011
Area claimed 3 Lots
Population 12
Currency U.S. Dollar
Time zone (CST)
National sport Muggle Quidditch
National animal Platypus

The Allied States of Terrevica is a micronation founded on September the twenty-eighth of the year two-thousand and eleven. It exists in both "Real Life" and on a server in the game "Minecraft."


The Allied States of Terrevica,was founded on September 28th 2011. The nation began under the rule of a despot known as Taylor Todd. Minutes later, the despotic government was sent though a revolution, and converted to oligarchy.

Government and politics

The Allied States of Terrevica is run by a Oligarchic Ministry of three equal leaders. The ministry rules with absolute power within their nation and each member serves until the rest of the ministry deems one incapable of rule. If a Minister does step down, they are replaced by a citizen of the current ministry's choice.

Law and order

Currently, a police force is in the works for Terrevica. The Judicial system consists of a trial before the Ministry of the State which then decided the outcome of the case however they deem fit and acceptable.


Terrevica is known as a peaceful nation and does not actively participate in conflicts. However, it does have a ceremonial military. The military is made of a special guard corps, that participates in national ceremonies and the inauguration of new ministers, or the resignation ceremony of a previous minister.

Geography and climate

The lands of Terrevica are notably flat as they are located on the plains of midwestern United States. Terrevica is usually very warm and mild in the summer, and Cold and dry in the winter.