Allied Micronations Economic and Trade Alliance

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The Allied Micronations Economic and Trade Alliance (AMETA) was founded as a micronational alternative to the European equivalent.

Members adhere to the Treaty of Krypriat where member states have no tariffs on goods and services being exchanged in member states, a common passport (or free movement of people), an educational enhancement programme where citizens of member states can study in other member states for a 25% discount minimum, and a parliament where every 5 years, members are elected to the parliament to discuss policies to be implemented as part of the economic bloc.

The aim of the alliance is to invest in solutions that will make money for each others' nations, reinvest funds into member states and be cautious with government spending allowing reserves to grow in value so that future generations and governments can benefit from the surplus of money. The organisation has no intention of fielding a common currency as of yet.

Member States

Flag of Maldico.png Maldico (joined on 1st January 2020)