Allan Zhu

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Allan Zhu
Allan Zhu, Oct 2017
Smårkland Secretary of State and Foreign Affairs
Assumed office
1 June 2018
Monarch Kevin I of Smårkland
Prime Minsiter Yuhan Guo
Predecessor Position Established
Governor of Pœdånæ and the state of Pœdånůd
Assumed office
1 June 2018
Predecessor Position established
Personal information
Born 1 April 2003 (2003-04-01) (age 17)
San Francisco, California, w:United States of America, United States
Nationality Chinese, Smårklandish, American
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Political party Independent (2016-2017)
Democratic-Republican Party (2017-)
Residence San Francisco, California, United States
Occupation Student
Games and Electronics Developer
Micronationalist Politician
Religion Chinese Folk Religion

Prince Allan Zhu, Duke of Pœdånæ (Chinese:祝昊天, born 1 April 2003) is a Smårklandic Chinese American micronationalist politician, gaming and electronics developer and is the current Smårkland Secretary of State and Foreign Affairs. He is also the governer of Pœdånæ. He is the cousin of Kevin I of Smårkland and is heir to Smårklandian throne should Kevin I of Smårkland produce no issues or children of his own. He is not given the title Crown Prince because King Kevin I of Smårkland has stated of his intention to start a family within ten years, nevertheless there is no age limit to proclaim the title of Crown Prince or Crown Princess.

Early life

Allan Zhu was born on 1 March 2003, to Chinese immigrants in San Fransisco, California, USA. His family immigrated their since 2001, but had immigrated back to China, firstly to Beijing, then to Shanghai in 2008 following the ill health and eventual passing of his maternal grandfather. President Zhu had met his maternal grandparents in the summer of 2005, and described them as "the nicest of his parents' generation". His maternal grandfather worked in the field of rocket, participating in the design of the rocket booster of most of China's TiangGong, TianZhou and Shenzhou missions. He was also a member of the team that carried out research and modifications of the first Olympic Torches.

Zhu lived in Shanghai, between 2008 and August 2017, when his family again, immigrated back to San Francisco, California, America. He currently resides their with his mother, sister and stepfather. His father the CEO of an electronic LED light bulb manufacturing business, currently resides in Beijing, China with his stepmother and half brother.

Early career

Personal life

Secretary of State Zhu is currently single, with no children, but has one younger sister, who is the current Countess of Hellensburg and Duchess of Prattenberg; and one younger half-brother, Duke of Schůnïë and Count of Zhukov. He is the eldest of and paternal cousin of President Kevin Zhu. He currently resides in San Francisco, CA, USA, outside of the Democratic Republic of Taurimania. Most negotiations are done over webcam, or Skype or Wechat or at Pœdånæ (during summer time).

Foreign position

During the US Elections Campaign in 2016, he supports Clinton.

Titles, offices and honours

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Actual offices

Former offices

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