Alexander Turgenev (plushie conspiracy theorist)

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Alexander Turgenev
Personal information
Birth name Alexander Turgenev
Citizenship Universan
Political party The Alternative
Religion Universism

Alexander Turgenev (Universan:álexándɛr tɛrgenev) is a Universan plushie far-right political activist, conspiracy theorist, and anthrophobe. He is running in the primaries for the Alternative, a far-right political party he belongs to.


Turgenev was always very active in Identitarian and far-right movements, and began to get involved, like most plushies, with Luca Demirag's defunct micronation the Republic of Existence. As soon as Universa was created, he joined Marco Rossi's Alternative. He is currently opposed to in theory but supportive of in practice the 2021 Universa Civil Unrest.