Alexander Pepper

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His Imperial Holiness
Lord Alexander I of Paradise Island
Seigneur Alexandre Ier de Paradise Island
Emperor Alexander of Paradise Island.png

In office
May 18, 1983 – present
Preceded by Himself (as President of the Republic)

President of the Republic of Paradise Island
In office
November 10, 1980 – May 18, 1983
Preceded by National Council
Succeeded by Himsel (as Emperor)

In office
December 2, 1987 – present
Preceded by Queen Liliʻuokalani (by Native Hawaiians)

Emperor of France
In office
May 18, 1994 – present
Preceded by Napoleon III (by Bonapartists)

Eternal President of the Paradise Island Imperial Association
In office
May 18, 1983 – present

Born February 16, 1953 (1953-02-16) (age 69)
Mont-de-Marsan, Landes, France
Nationality National Flag of the Empire of Paradise Island.png Islandese
Political party Paradise Island Imperial Association
Spouse(s) Paradise Island Imperial Harem
 • Empress Celia
 • Many others
Children Andy Pepper
Molly Pepper
Dani Pepper
Cody Pepper
Religion Religious Syncretism
 • Paradise Island Imperial Church
 • Paradise Island Catholic Church
 • Paradise Island Episcopal Church
 • Paradise Island Orthodox Church
 • Paradise Island Jedi Church
Military service
Allegiance National Flag of the Empire of Paradise Island.png Empire of Paradise Island
Service/branch Islandese Imperial War Flag.png Paradise Island Imperial Armed Forces
Years of service 1983 – present
Rank Supreme Commander-in-Chief

Alexander Pepper (French: Alexandre Poivre) born on February 16, 1953 (BA 34), in Mont-de-Marsan, Landes, France, is an Islandese politician and military who became popular and a legend for saving Paradise Island from a political crisis and later an international hero and global celebrity for his heroic action at the Battle of Exegol that brought the end of the Third World War. Elected President of the Republic on November 10, 1980, and elected president for life on August 2, 1981, leading the Republic of Paradise Island against the Communist bloc under his autocratic benevolent military dictatorship. On May 18, 1983, Alexander led a great speech at the Senate about the incident of a group of Sith Cultists who attempted to overthrow Alexander, and was proclaimed and officially crowned in December 2 of the same year, Emperor of Paradise Island, reforming the Republic into the Empire of Paradise Island.


The Incredibles

Emperor Alexander was called by Helen Parr (Elastigirl), asking him if he can transport her to the Nomanisan Island and if he has the fastest Imperial shuttle searching for her missing husband, Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible). While flying in the Imperial shuttle with a group of his best Stormtrooper Guards, the pilot tried to contact the Island tower twice, and Emperor Alexander doesn't like it, Helen tells that his instincts are always sharp, Emperor Alexander nods as Helen tells he likes him.

After Helen get dressed in her suit, she throws her bag to Violet while invisible, which yelled as she was gun pointed by the Stormtrooper Guards as Helen recognizes her voice. Violet tells them it's not her fault that Dash ran away, and knew she'd get blamed for it, as Dash appears and says that's not true as they argue each other until Helen heard Jack-Jack in topic, Alexander tells his Guards to stand down as Helen was unhappy knowing that Jack-Jack was left at home alone, but Violet told them they brought a babysitter named Kari.

While Helen telephones with Kari, the pilot alerts the Emperor that missiles are approaching and threatening the shuttle, Alexander orders the pilot to make evasive maneuvers, while he tells to Violet to make a force field around the shuttle, However, Violet is not sure she can even generate such a large force field; the stress of the situation and her low confidence prevents her from successfully carrying out the order.

While the missiles getting close to the shuttle, Helen was forced to use her powers to turn herself into a ball around her children and Alexander, able to shield them before the missiles hit the shuttle and destroy it.

After they land on the ocean, the kids panic as Alexander tells them that everything is going to be fine, before yelled out that the Imperial shuttle falls right to there. They resurface as the kids restart panic thinking they're going to die, while Helen angrily yells at them and tells them to work together, or they were grounded for a month. Fortunately Alexander re-comforts Helen with a hug. They see the smoke leading where the missiles came from and believing it was from the island. Then Alexander summons his TIE Silencer through hyperspace with his arm band, they climbed aboard as they fly ahead to the island in full speed.

They finally reach the island as Alexander lands his Silencer in a beach and using a cloaking device to avoid the enemy patrols, they start to camp in a cave, while Alexander senses that Bob is close to their position, Alexander and Helen are going looking for him as they put Violet in charge until they get back. Helen gives to her children their masks and told them to keep their identity in secret and if everything goes wrong, they will use their powers.

Before Alexander and Helen leave, Violet apologies them for haven't using her powers, Helen apologies her as Alexander tells that wasn't her fault and that she was afraid, also telling that confronting fear is the destiny of a hero, Violet happily listened his reason as he tells her to keep an eye on Dash as he doesn't anything bad.

While they sneak in Syndrome's base, they hiddenly took out some guards. While they move stealthy, Helen looks at the mirror as she sighs. Alexander tells her that time has passed finding her even more gorgeous as she wonders that Alexander thinks so before hugging and kissing each other.

While they reach Bob's cell, they spot him hugging with Syndrome's assistant Mirage, before was punched by Helen. After they reunion, they learned that the kids in trouble after triggered the alert and head towards the jungle. While in the jungle, they heard an explosion as they were crushed by Violet's force field and engaging Syndrome's henchmen, before been immobilized by Syndrome through his Zero-Point energy, while Syndrome having a conversation with the Parr Family, Alexander was brought to an interrogation room with Mirage, as he angrily stares at her with his Sith Eyes, and Mirage gasping in horror. She tells the guards to leave them, she then removes his handcuffs telling him there's isn't much time, before been force choked in air from Alexander in anger. She begs him for mercy as Alexander asks her why she's helping him and what she will think if he trusts her, she tells him that she discovered his true name, and telling him that he can help her stopping Syndrome and his robot. Alexander asks her that why in the universe should he do that, she tells him that she loves him as his Sith Eyes disappeared and released her from his force choke. He then hugs her, kisses her and tells her to come with him if she wants to live.

Emperor Alexander contacts his right-hand lady, General Phasma of the Stormtrooper Corps to send a task force to take over Syndrome's headquarters and to confiscate his Omnidroid technology for good. Once they arrived and battled the Syndrome's Henchmen, Mirage looks at the computer, seeing the escaped Mr. Incredible's family running through the halls, to her surprise, she alerts Alexander that they go to the hangar. Once he arrived, he saw a RV, walking quietly and hearing a couple of Syndrome's Henchmen celebrating their fight through a party, but interrupted by Alexander as he took them down. Once Bob and the others arrived at the hangar, Elastigirl was happy that Alexander was okay and hugged him happily. Alexander received a contact from Metroville Imperial military base, alerting him that the Omnidroid arrived and attacked the city. Alexander became angry telling that he has gone to far and must be stopped. Once they found a rocket with Mirage's help, he tells them to go, and not to worry about him, that he will get off the island, due his personal TIE Silencer is cloaked at the beach where he, Elastigirl and the kids arrived.

The Parr Family with Frozone's help, they fought the Omnidroid until Alexander arrived in time to support them, but was shot by Omnidroid's blaster but was able to land safely. Once they defeated the Omnidroid, Alexander congratulates them for saving the day as he accompanied them to their house with another of his personal shuttle. But when they arrived, Elastigirl heard a phone message about Kari having with trouble Jack-Jack, Alexander discovered through the Force that he's in danger. Once they enter, they were stopped by Syndrome with the baby telling them he will adopt him and raise like him. Able to escape, Syndrome was suddenly attacked by Jack-Jack who, in fact, has superpowers. After he dropped the baby, Elastigirl tells to Bob to throw her and catching Jack-Jack. Bob hurls his sports cart at Syndrome, causing him to fall in the aircraft turbine, where his cape gets caught in the engine, killing him in the process.


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Hunchback of Notre-Dame

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Jungle Book 2

At the Man Village, Emperor Alexander arrived in his personal shuttle, accompanied by a couple of Death Troopers at his command, ordering them to investigate the Village of a suspected Sith activity, but he tells they have not to worry about that as he tells them, that they do their job to protect the innocents from the Sith. Emperor Alexander stay awhile at the Village having fun with his long-forgotten friend Mowgli, who helped him to defeat Shere Khan, months ago, and discovering that he lives with his adoptive parents and his new little brother, Ranjan. Mowgli tells Alexander that he has become sweethearts with Shanti, the girl who lured him into the Man Village, and he was happy Mowgli has found someone to love. One day, during his meditation, he heard a couple of children with Mowgli trying to take them to the Jungle, but Alexander and Shanti realize this and yell to stop. Mowgli and Ranjan's father arrives and orders the kids back to the village and scowls at Mowgli telling him the Jungle is a dangerous place as Alexander faithfully respects his belief and shows Mowgli a scar on his left arm. He also punishes Mowgli by sending him to his room without dinner, as Alexander promises to the chief that he will keep an eye on him and making sure he doesn't do this mistake again. After Mowgli gets in trouble, he blames Shanti and Alexander and won't talk to them, then Mowgli starts to miss the Jungle as Alexander worries about him.

During the night, he accompanies Shanti trying to apologize to Mowgli, but Alexander senses that he's not inside as they see Baloo, Mowgli's best friend, with him and Shanti shrieks for help. Shere Khan sneaks into the village and everyone thinks he's the wild animal, with Alexander assisting them as he attacks him in order to scare him. Shere Khan flees to the Jungle. After Mowgli and Baloo espace into the jungle, Shanti and Alexander, believing Mowgli was kidnapped, Shanti follows them, but Alexander tells her not to go alone without him, she takes him with her as he brought some Death Troopers at his command and travel to the Jungle to rescue Mowgli. Suddenly they were accidentally separated, until he rescued Shanti from Kaa trying eating her but instead swallowing a large rock, as he throws him away. In the morning, they soon find Mowgli sadly sitting in a tree and when he sees Shanti and Alexander, he falls into some vines and gets tangled, Alexander orders his Death Troopers to free Mowgli from the vines, but suddenly Baloo appears and scares them but didn't notice Alexander's Death Troopers attacking him as he gets caught in the vines and punched by Shanti's fist. Alexander threats Baloo with his lightsaber closed to his throat, but Mowgli tells him not to hurt him and that he's his best friend. Baloo accidentally says that he told him to scare them, as Shanti and Alexander learn the truth, and they get angry as they go away and living him behind, Mowgli convinces them to listen to him, but Alexander's Death Troopers point their guns at him as he's scared.

Mowgli was able to found them and wants to explain, Shanti points to Shere Khan, who is behind him. Alexander and Mowgli tells Shanti and Ranjan to run away as they fight the tiger, Alexander grasps Mowgli and runs as quickly as he can, they told them to stay put in a bush as they keep running from the tiger. Shanti goes to help them but Ranjan also wants to help them, Shanti tells him to stay put, but Ranjan disobeys and (after snagging his loincloth on a branch and getting sling-shotted backward while trying to follow Shanti) encounters Baloo. While Alexander and Mowgli run away as faster as they can, they find an ancient temple and hide. While hiding, Baloo begings banging on a gong to distract Shere Khan, soon being joined by Shanti, Mowgli and Alexander each in their hiding places and confuse Shere Khan. Shanti's gong falls down and with Shere Khan at her mercy. Mowgli and Alexander come out of their hiding place and Shere Khan runs to kill them. Alexander tells Mowgli to run as he battles the tiger, but was punched unconsciously as he runs towards Mowgli but pushed away by Baloo. Once he wakes up, he senses them on a tiger head statue. Mowgli and Shanti fall but are saved by Alexander with Baloo's help. After Shere Khan's defeat and returning to safety, Alexander apologizes Mowgli for leading his Death Troopers threatening him as they hug in happiness, then Alexander, Mowgli, Shanti and Ranjan say goodbye to Baloo and Bagheera and reunite with Mowgli, Shanti and Ranjan's families where Mowgli's father apologizes to him for not understanding that the jungle is part of who he is and they return to the village. Alexander suddenly spots Mowgli, Shanti and Ranjan secretly return to the Jungle to spend some time with their new jungle family, Alexander assists them as he won't tell to their parents about that.

Paradise Island Universe: Battle of Exegol

At last the work of generations is complete. The great error is corrected. The day of victory is at hand. The day of revenge. The day of the Sith.

— Emperor Palpatine's message

Quest to find Exegol

During World War III, at Paradise Island, in his Imperial Palace, Emperor Alexander was having a private romantic moment with one of his Imperial concubines when suddenly a mysterious broadcast came out of nowhere, a threat of revenge in the sinister voice of the late Emperor Palpatine, which everybody have long time thought to be dead. During his training in the Jedi arts, Poe and Finn, Alexander's close friends, returned from their mission to gather intelligence from their spy infiltrate the Restored Empire behind, announcing that Palpatine has returned, in shock, Alexander reading Rammahgon, one of the Sacred Jedi Texts, discovered that a Sith wayfinder can lead to its owner a safe path to Exegol, ancient hidden world of the Sith and the Sith Eternal's secret base of operations, it is also said that the route could then be saved within a standard navicomputer for future use.

Determined to finish what Luke Skywalker had begun, Alexander would set out on a quest to find a wayfinder and reach Exegol, where the former Sith Emperor was readying an armada of Xyston-class Star Destroyers, armed with planet-killer weaponry, for deployment. Though he intended to travel alone, believing the mission was too dangerous for his friends, they nonetheless decided to accompany Alexander on his quest.

Mission to Pasaana

Accompanied by his friends Finn, Dameron and Wonder Woman, as well as Boa Hancock, Nico Robin, Nami and C-3PO, Alexander followed Skywalker's path to finding Exegol, which ended on the planet Pasaana. His arrival coincided with the Festival of the Ancestors; as Alexander wandered through the festival, while wandering through the festival they were spotted by a Restored Empire Stormtrooper, but safe by Landonis Balthazar Calrissian, a Coruscant Civil War old veteran. Once he learned that they are on a quest to find Exegol, Calrissian pointed the group in the direction of the Bestoon Legacy, an abandoned starship that belonged to the Sith assassin Ochi.

As they traveled to the ship, they were ambushed by several Restored Empire jet troopers but they managed to defeat them. Approaching the ship, they were caught by the quicksand-like Shifting Mires and they began to sink; Alexander heard Robin call out to him but they all sank underground within the muck, dropping into an underground cave system. After regrouping, Alexander asked Robin what she tried to say but it was brushed aside "for another time". They discovered Ochi's bones alongside an old dagger that had several Sith runes inscribed into the blade, and, although C-3PO was capable of translating it, he could not due to his programming restriction on speaking the Sith language. A large snake-like reptile known as a Vexis suddenly appeared. Though the snake appeared hostile, Alexander, seeing the animal was injured, used the Force to heal its wounds, thus taming and calming the creature and causing it to reveal a way out of the tunnels the beast had created under the sand.

While onboard Ochi's ship in search of any evidence, he sensed the arrival of Emperor Snoke II and left the group to confront him. Alexander wanted for Snoke II to attack in his TIE whisper, and subsequently destroyed it by slashing its wing with his lightsaber while leaping over to avoid being hit. After disabling Snoke II's fighter, Alexander discovered that Boa Hancock and the dagger had been captured by the Knights of Darkness and taken by troopers aboard an AAL-1971/9.1 Troop Transport. Rushing to help, Alexander attempted to stop the transport carrying Boa Hancock and the stolen Sith dagger using the Force. Snoke II tugged back, and the subsequent struggle resulted in Alexander destroying the ship with a sudden burst of Force lightning, greatly shocking them both. Horrified by what he had done and thinking he had killed Hancock, Alexander barely managed to escape in time.

Dark power

You don't just have any power. You have his power. You inherited the Dark power of Palpatine.

— Emperor Snoke II, to Emperor Alexander

Alexander, Robin, Nami and Diana followed Finn and Poe to Kijimi to get C-3PO to read the message inscribed on the dagger. However, the group was stopped by Zorii Bliss, a local spice runner who formerly worked with Poe and recognized him. When Zorii threatened to capture the team, Alexander attacked the woman and held his lightsaber against Zorii's throat. Zorii told Alexander that although Alexander probably didn't care, she thought he was okay, to which Alexander told her that he did care. Zorii led the group to Babu Frik, where in his workshop, he successfully completed the procedure on C-3PO, wiping the protocol droid's memory in the process. When the Restored Empire arrived at Kijimi, Alexander sensed where Emperor Snoke II was and learned that Boa Hancock was alive, initially believing she died on Pasaana.

Arriving on the Star Destroyer to rescue Boa, Alexander confused two stormtroopers with a Jedi mind trick and joined Finn and Poe in finding the captive Hancock, but is drawn away by the presence of the dagger, telling the others that he knew that they needed it somehow. As Alexander made his way to Emperor Snoke II's quarters, he encountered the mask that once belonged to the legendary Sith Lord Darth Vader. Seeing the dagger along with Boa's pet, Salome, he went over to retrieve it and freed the snake. When Alexander grabbed the dagger, it induced another vision; this time seeing again the horror of his adoptive mother's death caused by his action in anger but this time saw her eyes in yellow eyes, realized that she was possessed by the Dark Side. A short duel against Snoke II ensued as he and Alexander somehow connected through the Force. Their unknown connection allowed them to see and fight physically even from afar, eventually revealing his presence in his quarters when their fight caused his table of ashes holding Darth Vader's helmet to fall in front of him. When Snoke II realized where Alexander was, Alexander grabbed the dagger and freed Salome from her cage before running towards the hangar.

When he made it to the hangar, he found that Finn, Poe, Diana, Robin, Nami and Boa Hancock had not returned. He saw Snoke II land told C-3PO, Salome and D-O to locate them. As stormtroopers surrounded them, Alexander confronted Snoke II in the hangar bay. He asked him why Palpatine wanted to kill her. Snoke II replied by saying he had his power, revealing to him that he enslaved his adoptive mother's mind that forced him to kill her for his pleasure, once he discovered the truth in horror, Snoke II warned him that if he was going to Exegol, even if he was defeated, Palpatine will absorb his power and will able him to ascend to godhood. But Alexander said that will never happen as the Falcon arrived. Alexander jumped out of the hangar bay towards Robin on the Falcon's ramp, and the Grand Alliance made their escape.

Kef Bir

What-what is that?
It's the Death Star. It's bad place, from an old war.

— D-O and Emperor Alexander

Alexander followed the group to Kef Bir, meeting a group of former Restored Empire stormtroopers led by one who called herself Jannah. Using the Blade of Ochi of Bestoon against the silhouette of the DS-2 Death Star II Mobile Battle Station wreckage, Alexander located the area where they Sith wayfinder should be located. He wanted to leave right away, but Jannah warned them that the seas were too dangerous and that they would leave in the morning. Unbeknownst to his companions, Alexander impatiently piloted a sea skiff to the ruins. He walked and climbed his way through the dilapidated hallways and chasms of the wrecked Death Star, and eventually entered the Emperor's Throne Room, the place where Luke defeated his father and where Anakin fulfilled the prophecy. He approached the throne of his archenemy. Just then, a door beside the throne opened. Alexander walked through the door as it closed behind him. Exploring the vault, he discovered the wayfinder. Once he grabbed it, he encountered the dark side version of himself. The dark vision told him not to be afraid of who he was. His dark side activated his lightsaber, and they engaged in a duel. He was no match for his inner darkness, and he tumbled out the vault and dropped the wayfinder. Snoke II was there, and caught it in his hands.

Rise of Alexander

What have I done?

— Emperor Alexander

Snoke II had come to Alexander. Snoke II warned him to keep his emotions in check in order not to embrace the Dark Side. But in embracing his darker emotions, Snoke II believed that Alexander had become isolated. Alexander continued to defy him, confusing the Fascist Emperor. He was surprised that he could still resist, but continued to provoke him nonetheless, asserting that the dark side was in his nature. He urged him to surrender to it. Alexander ordered Snoke II to give back the wayfinder, even pushing with the Force, but his attempted mind trick had no effect on Snoke II. He panicked as he sensed his next move. Snoke II declared that he would never find Exegol unless he joined him, and with that he shattered the wayfinder in his hand.

Infuriated, Alexander lashed out with his lightsaber and attacked Snoke II. Rather than igniting his own lightsaber, Snoke II leapt out of the way of Alexander's blow, ducked under the next attack, and whirled away from him. The fact that he was not fighting back further enraged Snoke II, who had all but lost himself to his own fury. Bringing his own lightsaber to bear, he began blocking Alexander's blade while he continued to swipe, slam and stab his weapon at him. He eventually gave ground, dropping into a shaft with Alexander leaping after him without a second thought. Leaving the throne room, the rival Emperors dueled ferociously along the watery trenches of the Death Star ruins. During the duel, Alexander sensed Robin nearby, attempting to bring him back. Alarmed by her presence, Alexander was overcome by an instinct to protect his friend from Snoke II. With no thought at all, he pushed Robin with the Force, sending her flying away in the opposite direction toward Finn, Nami and Jannah. During their lightsaber duel, the two sparred telepathically, with Snoke II reminding Alexander that he knew his in ways that no one else could. The longer they fought, the clearer it became that Snoke II was physically stronger than Alexander. Snoke II dominated most of their fight, and Alexander eventually was knocked down to his knees by his attacks.

Snoke II loomed over Alexander, who stared at him as he raised his lightsaber. In that moment, Alexander believed that he would die on the wreck of a space station, accepting that he may not be fast enough to dodge his next attack. But as he readied himself for death, Snoke II froze where he stood, his lightsaber held high. But Alexander force pushed him far away as he grabbed his lightsaber and killed him mercilessly. Then Alexander realized that he was acting more like Palpatine in the entire duel, as he later sensed from Kef Bir to Earth, that Mowgli, Shanti, Jane Porter, Tarzan, Archimedes Q. Porter, Terk and Tantor were in trouble, he used Snoke II's TIE whisper and left Kef Bir to go to Earth as quickly as possible. Once arrived on Earth at Mowgli's village, Mowgli and Shanti's parents alerted Alexander that they were captured by the Sith Eternal's troopers and once arriving at the Jungles of Africa, at the Treehouse, Alexander watched Jane, Archimedes and Tarzan's Treehouse burned to ashes in horror. Decided to check out the Gorilla family, fortunately fine but discovered that Kala had been captured as well. Disillusioned by his ordeal, Alexander again commandeered Snoke II's TIE whisper and left Kef Bir, allowing himself to dictate hi next move out of desperation to escape the universal war.

Travel to Ahch-To

Alex, some things are stronger than empathy. Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi. Your destiny.

— The spirit of Luke Skywalker, to Emperor Alexander

Shaken by his dark power and multiple instances of dark side rage, Alexander traveled to Ahch-To on Snoke II's ship, with the intent to go into exile like Luke Skywalker had. He burned the ship that brought him there, but just when he threw his lightsaber into the burning wreckage, the Force spirit of Luke Skywalker appeared to him and caught it. After a long discussion, Skywalker convinced him to face his main enemy, Darth Sidious, as he did his father, Darth Vader, telling him that confronting fear was the destiny of a Jedi. He bestowed him with Leia Organa's lightsaber and his old X-wing, both of which Alexander to Exegol, navigating with the Wayfinder he found in the wreckage of Snoke II's ship.

Battle against Darth Sidious

Long have I waited for my new heir to come home. I never wanted you dead. I wanted you here, Emperor Palpatine II. You will take the throne. It is your right to rule here. It is your destiny. Our destiny.

— Darth Sidious, to Emperor Alexander

Alexander traveled along a safe route to Exegol in Luke Skywalker's X-Wing, Red Five, using Snoke II's wayfinder and transmitted his plotted course to the Grand Alliance, allowing them to travel along his passage. Alexander arrived at Exegol and proceeded to face Darth Sidious within the Sith Citadel. Before the Throne of the Sith, the frail and immobile Dark Lord of the Sith let Alexander's friends seen captive by his Sovereign Protectors, a Sovereign Protector took Jane in front of him and threatened to kill her if Alexander refused to join him. He bravely refused, by Palpatine ordered the Sovereign Protector to kill her, and Alexander yelled out in horror as well as Tarzan, Terk, Tantor, Archimedes, Kala, Mowgli and Shanti, holding Jane's dying body, he told her that he loved her, Jane smiled slowly and said she loved him too and they share a kiss before died instantly. Once Darth Sidious had announced that the time had come and telling him with his hatred that he will take his life and ascend, but again bravely refused which let fall the chamber ceiling, uncovering the battle above, showing and watching a greatly outnumbered and outgunned Grand Alliance failing against the might of the Sith Eternal fleet in battle. Exploiting the imminent extermination of the entirety of the Grand Alliance, Sidious commanded that he strike him down with hatred lest his "new family" be annihilated, intending to transfer his own spirit into the young and strong body of Alexander. Alexander had been stalling for time after sensing that Nami, Robin, Boa Hancock and Wonder Woman, were on Exegol. He nearly succumbed to the temptations of absolute power and dark side of the Force, but Robin's presence was shining bright with the light within his mind. Knowing that she and the other three women had come to help him, he feigned defeat and acceptance while shielding his true intentions from the Emperor, a skill that he practiced with Robin and the other three women, close to him.

The women, realizing that they could not defeat all six Knights of Darkness with only their own skills, received a telepathic message from Alexander through the Force, and they knew what he intended to do. Alexander lowered his weapon behind his back, as if preparing to strike down the Dark Emperor, who leaned forward with gleeful anticipation, but when he raised his hand it was empty. He had projected his weapon away, and with horror the Emperor realized his mistake in allowing Alexander, Robin, Nami, Boa Hancock and Diana to come together. Alexander ignited his spare lightsaber, the lightsaber that once belonged to Leia, as a cohort of Sovereign Protectors surrounded him. As before on Pasaana and Kijimi, they were separate but also together, with Alexander battling the crimson-robed guards and the five women confronting the Dark Knights. This time, however, they were drawing on each other for strength, becoming even more powerful as one instead of five. The four women sprinted toward the throne room where Alexander had defeated all of the guards save one, whom Wonder Woman tossed aside using her Lasso of Truth. They stood facing each other, together at last. Alexander and Robin raised their lightsabers as one with the three, dropping into a fighting stance before Sidious.

Sidious snarled at his would-be heir and the four women, exclaiming that they would die together as he raised his rotting hand and impaled them with the Force. Their lightsabers dropped to the ground, and the Emperor pulled them toward himself. They were helpless against his power. As a side effect, however, their combined life force began to heal the clone vessel. Sidious gasped, watching as his hands began stitching themselves back together, bones re-growing, and pale flesh closing over them. He was astonished to discover that his former heir was a God of the Force, and his power was like divinity itself. And realizing that his Force godhood the four women's powers combined would allow him to fully return to life and finally ascend to godhood, Sidious used the Force to drain the life energy of Alexander and the four women to restore himself to the form he had before his first death at the hands of Anakin Skywalker during the Battle of Endor. Drained of their powers, Alexander and the four women fell to the floor. As Boa slowly wakes up, Sidious force lifted her, exclaiming revenge for his first death and telling that she shall fell as the last Alliance Hero, flung her away to near-death.

Sidious, having been fully restored to his former self, told his Sith loyalists to not fear the attack of the Grand Alliance as no one will stop the Sith's return. He then proceeded to ignite a powerful display of Force lightning into the air, which disabled all Grand Alliance ships up to the size of Nebulon B frigates, including those of Finn, Poe, and the universal fleet, and sending them plummeting toward the ground, including the legendary Tantive IV. Weakened and seemingly defeated, Alexander heard the voices of past Light Champions, including Luke Skywalker, his father Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ahsoka Tano, Mace Windu, Luminara Unduli, Aayla Secura, Kanan Jarrus, Adi Gallia, Queen Athena of Atlantica, Robin's mother Nico Olvia, Simba's father Mufasa, Tarzan's adoptive father Kerchak and biological parents John Clayton and Alice Clayton, Elsa and Anna's parents King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, Li Shang's father General Li, and many others encouraging him and lending him the strength to carry on against the Sith Lord.

Alexander then stood up, with their new courage received from the Light Champions before him and the Light Champions appearing behind Alexander to fight alongside with him. Sidious, noticing this, ceased his Force lightning attack on the Allied fleet as he gathered all past Dark Champions, including, Ursula, Spandine, Scar, Jafar, Sabor, Elsa and Anna's grandfather King Runeard, Shan Yu and many others. Telling Alexander that his death will be the Alliance's final word, Sidious pulling out his lightsaber and igniting it before the two sides engage in a fight, the bad side eventually gains the upper hand soon after, Sidious strikes him back with lightning making Alexander unconscious but Alexander wakes up and stands up and telekinetically pushes Sidious back to a rock and telling him that he will end his rule, Palpatine tried to escape but Alexander stand up in front of him and block his path, calling their lightsabers and again engage another duel before Palpatine unleashes a barrage of Force lighting at him.

Alexander then attempted to block it with his lightsaber, but Sidious told Alexander that he was "no match for the power of" the Dark Side and that he is "All the Sith and Dark Champions" However, Alexander retaliated by telling Palpatine that he is "All the Light Champions," calling back Leia's lightsaber and igniting it, using the two lightsabers to deflect Sidious's lightning back at him with the help of all the Light Champions giving full strength. Unable to take the strain of the immense energy reflected back at him, Sidious screamed in agony and horror as he was disintegrated under his own energy along with his Dark Champion allies screaming as well. In an explosion that decimated the entire arena, all of the Sith Eternal gathered inside and Darth Sidious himself were destroyed. This prevented the rebirth of both the Sith Order and the Coruscant Empire, and finally ended both the ancient conflict between the Sith and the Jedi and World War III for good.

As Tarzan, Kala, Terk, Tantor, Archimedes, Mowgli and Shanti were freed, they watched Alexander hugging Jane's lifeless body, then Alexander used the Force to heal her wound and brought her back to life in relief with Tarzan and Archimedes, then force healed Robin, Nami, Wonder Woman and Boa Hancock as well, and they hugged each other celebrating their victory. Aboard a shuttle, they go back to Earth to celebrate their victory with everyone, with a party at Emperor Alexander's Grand Imperial Garden. During the party, Robin kissed Alexander in surprise as they celebrated their union, and Emperor Alexander optimistically yelled at everyone "PEACE!".

Lilo & Stitch

Coming soon.

Lilo & Stitch: The Emperor Has Gone Mad

In his peaceful sleep, Emperor Alexander is having a horrific nightmare about turning evil and causing chaos and destruction to Earth with his Stormtroopers, including hurting Lilo as she saw him as the ancient Sith Lord, Darth Vader. After Emperor Alexander wakes up from his nightmare, his Grand Vizier warns him that on Kauai, Hawaii, in three days a local May Day festival will be celebrated. He optimistically gets dressed up and flies to Kauai.

While at the Hula class, Lilo and Stitch arrive late, Kumu announces that Lilo and her classmates have to prepare to perform at the local May Day festival. Each student is required to create an original dance. Emperor Alexander arrives and enters the Hula class with. Lilo is inspired when he tells her about her mother being in the festival at her age and winning, giving her a picture of the event. After the hula class ends, Mertle insults Lilo by telling her that she will never be like her mother, causing Emperor Alexander to become angry, he asked Kumu to exit the Hula class room as he wants to have a personal conversation with Mertle, but the fact is, Emperor Alexander was torturing her mercilessly until he loses his sanity and strikes her with Force lightning, Kumu, Lilo and Stitch enter and witness in horror. Lilo begs him to stop his madness and Emperor Alexander does so. But after the incident, and the mistreatment of Mertle, goes back to Lilo's house and having an argument with Nani. Kumu feels sorry for Emperor Alexander and tells Lilo that it is best for her not to participate in the competition because of Emperor Alexander's disgust for Mertle, but Lilo insists to participate, to be like her mother and "triple promises" that it won't happen again, since she wants him to assist in the competition.

While preparing for the competition, Emperor Alexander was in Nani's bedroom meditating peacefully until he faces his inner-self and having argument in which his inner-self has enough of Mertle's selfish and disrespectful personality, meanwhile Lilo and Stitch have a hard time coming up with ideas and Nani wants them to enjoy their family fun night. While watching Them! on family fun night, they hear that Emperor Alexander was yelling out at his inner-self and begins to attack him in frustration with his Katana, but always misses him as he's actually a demonic spirit. The fight ends with Nani's bedroom completely destroyed as Nani arrives and gasps in shock.

Meanwhile, Emperor Alexander's uncontrollable sanity with Mertle drives a wedge between him and Lilo, and his inner-self threatens him to riun her chances for success at the Hula competition. While Emperor Alexander is watching Lilo trying her best and to be inspired in her Hula, but when Mertle comes and bullies with Lilo, Emperor Alexander keeps yelling at her and scarring her. Since Lilo is so concerned about winning the competition, she begs him multiple time to stop yelling at Mertle or she won't be able to participate in the competition, but Alexander accidentally yells at her and scares her. Alexander realized what is he doing, tries to apologize Lilo, but she runs away and angrily asks him to leave her alone. Alexander feels bad for his strong and disgust personality. However, just before the competition, Alexander arrives just before Lilo is to perform, apologizing her and wishing her luck. While Lilo is performing and Alexander watching in happiness, his inner-self hidden from the audience, cuts the net of wood boxes down on top of Lilo, causing the audience to gasp in horror, including Nani, Stitch, David and Emperor Alexander as well. Alexander searches in the wreckage until he finds Lilo believed to be dead but in fact unconscious. Then Alexander ragefully stares at Mertle, accusing her for killing Lilo as he loses his completely sanity and goes on berserker mod as he tries to kill her, but Mertle runs away through the forest.

While he's chasing Mertle while destroying the forest, causing chaos. Mertle gets trapped with a dead-end, as Emperor Alexander is about to stab her, Lilo, back from unconsciousness, arrives in time to save her but gets stabbed in her place. Alexander's Dark Side Eyes completely disappear as he looks in horror of what he has done, Alexander hugs her in sadness as Lilo tells him that she didn't want him to hurt anyone, before passing away in his arms. Then suddenly Alexander has a vision of a burning forest and goes back to normal with peaceful sounds and a waterfall. Freed of his inner-self's influence, Alexander uses the Force to reveal his presence, declaring that he has lost and his plan has failed and telling him that he doesn't exist. His inner-self gets frustrated as Alexander kills him instantly through a light flash with his eyes. Alexander uses the Force to heal Lilo's wounds and bring her back to life and thus became friends again and brought peace.

The family (along with David) then performs Lilo's Hula dance together on the empty stage of the competition. Nani tells Lilo that their mother would be proud then Alexander calls Lilo his "Little Hula Angel" and a star twinkles in the sky to prove it.

Titles, styles, honours and arms


Alexander Pepper's names in the two languages of his empire.

Titles and styles

  • November 10, 1980 – May 18, 1983: His Excellency, Alexander Pepper, President of the Republic of Paradise Island
  • May 18, 1983 – present: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Paradise Island
    • September 2, 1987 – present: His Imperial Holiness The God-Emperor of Paradise Island
    • September 2, 1987 – present: His Divine Holiness The God-Emperor of Mankind
    • December 2, 1987 – present: His Imperial Majesty The Galactic Emperor of Paradise Island
    • May 18, 1983 – present:: His Divine Holiness The Pope of Paradise Island
    • May 18, 1983 – present: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of France (personal rule)
    • March 17, 1984 – present: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Hawaii
      • March 17, 1984 – December 2, 1987: (honorary rule)
      • December 2, 1987 – present: (official rule)
    • May 1, 1985 – present: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of India (personal rule)
    • May 18, 1986 – present: His Imperial and Sultanic Majesty The Emperor and Sultan of the Ottomans (personal rule)
    • May 18, 1987 – present: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of the Romans (personal rule)
    • May 18, 1983 – present: His Imperial and Holy Majesty The Emperor of the Women (personal rule)
    • February 14, 1984 – present: His Most Excellent Master The Emperor of Amazon Lily (personal rule)
    • February 14, 1984 – present: His Most Excellent Master The Emperor of the Kujas (personal rule)
    • July 12, 1987 – present: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Toontown


National and Dynastic orders

  • Grand Master of the Islandese Legion of Honour, May 19, 1981
  • Grand Master of the Imperial Order of Alexander I, May 18, 1983
  • Grand Master of the Imperial Order of Merit of Paradise Island, May 18, 1983
  • Grand Master of the Islandese Order of the Reunion, May 18, 1983

Foreign decorations


  • Flag of Empire of Brazil.png Brazilian Imperial Family:
    • Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Imperial Order of Pedro I
    • Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Imperial Order of the Rose
    • Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Imperial Order of St. James of the Sword
    • Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Imperial Order of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg House of Habsburg:
    • Honorary Knight Grand Cordon with Collar, Special Class of the Imperial Order of the Iron Crown
    • Honorary Knight Grand Cross of the Imperial Order of Leopold
    • Honorary Knight Grand Cordon with Collar of the Imperial Order of Franz Joseph
  • State flag of the Imperial State of Iran (with standardized lion and sun).svg Iranian Imperial Family:
    • Honorary Member 1st Class of the Imperial Order of Pahlavi
    • Honorary Knight Grand Cordon of the Imperial Order of Aftab
    • Honorary Knight Grand Cordon of the Imperial Order of Aqdas
    • Honorary Knight Grand Cordon of the Imperial Order of the Lion and the Sun
    • Honorary Knight Grand Cordon of the Imperial Order of the Crown

Honorary appointments

  •  United Kingdom: Honorary General of the British Army, appointed in February 1981
  •  United Kingdom: Honorary Field-Marshal of the British Army, appointed in February 1982
  •  Sweden: Honorary General of the Swedish Army, appointed in September 1982
  •  Saudi Arabia: 18.RSA-FM.png Honorary First Class Field Marshal of the Saudi Arabian Army, appointed in March 1983
  •  Soviet Union: Rank insignia of маршал Советского Союза.png Honorary Marshal of the Soviet Union, appointed on August 15, 1984 (for international peace and friendship between the Empire of Paradise Island and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
  •  Thailand: RTA OF-10 (Field Marshal).png Honorary Field Marshal of the Royal Thai Army, appointed on July 16, 1985
  •  East Germany: OF-11 Marschall der DDR.png Honorary Marshal of the German Democratic Republic, appointed on March 10, 1986 (for international peace and friendship between the Empire of Paradise Island and the German Democratic Republic)
  •  Socialist Republic of Romania: Romania-Army-OF-10.png Honorary Marshal of Romania, appointed on September 15, 1987 (for international peace and friendship between the Empire of Paradise Island and the Socialist Republic of Romania)
  •  China: Marshal of the PRC rank insignia (vertical).png Honorary Marshal of the People's Republic of China, appointed on February 16, 1988 (for international peace and friendship between the Empire of Paradise Island and the People's Republic of China and for Emperor Alexander's birthday)
  •  North Korea: DPRK-Army-OF-11.png Honorary Marshal of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, appointed on May 18, 1989 (for international peace and friendship between the Empire of Paradise Island and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea)
  •  France: Army-FRA-OF-10.png Honorary Marshal of France, appointed on February 16, 1990 (for Emperor Alexander's birthday)
  •  Yugoslavia: Yugoslavia-Army-OF-10 (1947–1951).png Honorary Marshal of Yugoslavia, appointed on February 16, 1991 (for international peace and friendship between the Empire of Paradise Island and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and for Emperor Alexander's birthday)
  •  Sweden: Honorary Field-Marshal of the Swedish Army, appointed on February 16, 1993.

Military appointments

  • Marshal of Paradise Island, appointed in November 1980
  • Lord Grand Marshal of Empire (Army) (Paradise Island's World).png Lord Grand Marshal of Empire (Air Force) (Paradise Island's World).png Lord Grand Admiral of Empire (Paradise Island's World).png Lord Grand Marshal and Lord Grand Admiral of the Empire of Paradise Island, appointed on May 18, 1983

Arms and symbols

Emperor Alexander's Personal Coat of Arms (Paradise Island).png
Emperor Alexander's Personal Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of the Empire of Paradise Island.png
Imperial Coat of Arms as Emperor of Paradise Island
Standard of Emperor of Paradise Island.png
Standard of Emperor of Paradise Island
Coat of Arms of Emperor of France (Paradise Island's World).png
Imperial Coat of Arms as Emperor of France
Coat of Arms of Hawaiian Empire.png
Imperial Coat of Arms as Emperor of Hawaii
Standard of Emperor of India.png
Imperial Standard as Emperor of India



  • Honorary Kuja in the Empire of Amazon Lily
  • Honorary Amazon in Themyscira
  • Honorary Muslim
  • Perpetual Honorary Roman Catholic in the Holy See of Rome
Emperor Alexander I of Paradise Island
Born: February 16, 1953
Political offices
Preceded by
National Council
President of the Republic of Paradise Island
November 10, 1980 – May 18, 1983
Empire declared
Preceded by
National Council
Head of State of Paradise Island
November 10, 1980 – present
Preceded by
National Council
Head of Government of Paradise Island
November 10, 1980 – present
Preceded by
Chairman of the High Command
May 18, 1983 – present
Party political offices
Preceded by
Eternal President of the Paradise Island Imperial Association
May 18, 1983 – present
Preceded by
Chairman of the Central Military Commission
May 18, 1983 – present
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Himself as President of the Republic
Emperor of Paradise Island
May 18, 1983 – present
Preceded by
Himself as President of the Republic
Galactic Emperor of Paradise Island
December 2, 1987 – present
Preceded by
Hawaiian Independence Declared
Emperor of Hawaii
December 2, 1987 – present
Preceded by
Third French Empire declared
Emperor of France
May 18, 1994 – present
Preceded by
Emperor of Amazon Lily
Emperor of the Kujas
(Personal Rule)

September 14, 1984 – present
Paradise Island Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Supreme Patriarch of the
Paradise Island Catholic Church

July 15, 1984 – present
Paradise Island Episcopal Church titles
Preceded by
Supreme Patriarch of the
Paradise Island Episcopal Church

July 15, 1985 – present
Paradise Island Imperial Church titles
Preceded by
Supreme Ecclesiarch of the
Paradise Island Imperial Church

September 3, 1987 – present
Paradise Island Jedi Church titles
Preceded by
Supreme Patriarch of the
Paradise Island Jedi Church

September 4, 1987 – present
Religious titles
Preceded by
Son of God
May 18, 1983 – present
Preceded by
God-Emperor the Son
God-Emperor of Paradise Island
God-Emperor of Mankind

September 2, 1987 – present
Legendary titles
Preceded by
Emperor Augustus according to Islandese mythology
Elder God of Paradise Island
God of Love, Sexuality and Pleasure

May 18, 1983 – present
Preceded by
After the legendary Battle of Exegol
Jedi Master
November 20, 1985 – present
Military offices
Preceded by
Himself as Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Paradise Island
Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Empire of Paradise Island
May 18, 1983 – present