Alexander Island (Province of Antarctica)

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Alexander Island (en)
Александровский остров (ru)
Alexander Island (da)
Alexanderinsel (de)
İskender Adası (tr)
Alexander Eiland (nl)
亚历山大岛 (zh)
Île Alexandre (fr)
جزيرة الإسكندر (ar)
Alexander Tuäujè (tqe)
Alexander Øy (no)
Isla Alejandro (es)
ऐलेक्ज़ैन्डर द्वीप (hi)
Alexander-eiland (af)
Ilha Alexandre (pt)
ᐊᓕᒃᓵᓐᑐ ᕿᑭᖅᑕᖅ (iu)
Isla ng Alexander (tl)

1821 — Present

Flag of Alexander Island.jpg

("Workers of the world, unite!")
Capital cityLatady Island
Official language(s)English, Russian, Danish, German, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese, French, Arabic, Tamari, Norwegian, Spanish, Hindi, Portugese, Afrikaans, Inuktitut, Filipino
Official religion(s)[2] [3]
DemonymAlexander Islander
Established28 January 1821
Area claimed18,950 km²
CurrencyRussian Ruble
Time zone5:17 pm
National animalPenguin

Official Website

Alexander Island, which is also known as Alexander I Island, Alexander I Land, Alexander Land, Alexander I Archipelago, and Zemlja Alexandra I is the largest island of Federated States of Antarctica. It lies on Beillnghausen Sea west of Palmer Land, Antarctic Peninsula, from which it is Separated from Margerite bay and George VI Sound.