Alexander Glushko

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His Excellency
General Alexander Glushko
Bachelor of Aysellant
General Alexander Glushko
Military Minister of the Princedom of Aysellant
In office:
03 November, 2013 – present
Predecessor Vice Admiral Vitel of Fessenfelt
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 17 July 1972 (1972-07-17) (age 51)
Religion Christianity

His Excellency General Alexander Glushko, Bachelor of Aysellant (Russian: Его Превосходительство генерал и кавалер Александр Глушко), born July 17, 1972 is a Aysellantean statesman. Was hired by the Army of His Serene Highness in November 2013 and was appointed by the post of Military Minister and given the rank of major general.
His Excellency graduated from the Faculty of History and Archives of the Russian State Humanitarian University as "historian and archivist." Sir Alexander Glushko deals with the history of military uniforms and decorations of the twentieth century. He has several articles and as an assistant costume designer, he took part in the filming of several movies. A disciple of the founder of the Soviet uniformology P.Kornakov and is one of the editors of «International encyclopedia of Uniform Insignia around the World»
He is the author and co-writer of a large number of emblems and awards of various public organizations of Russia.
Sir Alexander Glushko is a team leader for the rehabilitation of Marshal of Soviet Union M.Tukhachevsky.
His Excellency is author of over 200 articles on the history of rocketry, manned cosmonautics and military uniforms, as well as co-writer and author of 10 books on the history of rocketry and astronautics. He has 20 years of experience in archival research.
Awarded in Russia:
The Sign of Gagarin (Roscosmos ) ;
Order «For Service to Russia" (Federal Investigation Commission), "In the fight against terrorism" (VPM and OC «Anti-terror ");
2 medals «Spiritual unity of the peoples of the world" (MADENM associated UNESCO), medal "For the honor of an officer " (Limited Liability Company " Russian Officers ");
15 commemorative medals.
The award named after academician V.Glushko (for 2005, The Scientific and Production Association “Energomash” named by Academician V.Glushko ) ;
Literary prize named by Alexander Belyaev in the category “The best book of propaganda of the year";
Artem Borovick prize “Honor. Courage. Mastership.” in the “Press” nomination in 2010 (The Foundation of the A.Borovick ).


Princedom of Aysellant