Alex Bennett

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Alex Bennett
Bennett's official portrait
Name:Alexander Thomas Bennett
Date of Birth:7 June 1994 (1994-06-07) (age 27)
Occupation:Student, Programmer, Designer, Artist
Birthplace:Leicester, UK

Alex Bennett is a micronationalist based in the Technological Federation of Erephisia. He is an Artist, gamer and a Programmer and works for FEIOS. Billy Neil met Alex Bennett at Loreto College in the september of 2010. Neil convinced bennett to join his micronation in oppose to Bennett's other friend Thomas Bainbridge's micronation the Democratic Republic of Longarnia. Bennett noted that he preffered Neil's micronation to Bainbridges as a foresaw Bainbridge's war and army/fleet commanding intrests to be a sure sign that he would make most of Longania's citizens enrol in the Longarnian armed forces, while Neil's more sedate and logical nature would not have such a consequence. As well as doing minor real-life micronational work, Bennett runs an, as of yet, unnamed Minecraft nation, situated on the Wyvern Micronational Creative server. Bennett is a skilled programmer, artist, designer, gamer and scientist.