Alessandro Tudor

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His Royal Highness
Tudor Alessandro
Alessandro I of Siriu
Princely Standard of His Royal Highness
Prince of Luana
Assumed office
28 August 2019
Predecessor Position established
Successor Nation dissolved
Prince of Siriu
Assumed office
19 September 2021
Predecessor Position established
Personal information
Born April 26, 2007 (2007-04-26) (age 14)
Brescia, Lombardia, Italy
Citizenship Flag of Romania.png Romania
Flag of Italy.svg Italy
PrincipalityOfSiriu Flag.png Siriu
Flag of Snagov.svg Snagov
Nationality  Romanian
Flag of Italy.svg Italian
Residence Carol Residence
Occupation Student
Religion Former Eastern Orthodox, Now Atheist

Tudor Alessandro is a Romanian micronationalist that is the founder of the Principality of Luana and the Principality of Siriu. He had multiple micronations. He takes part in the Royal House of Tudor

Micronational life

Early Insula Era

It was about 2016 when he established the "Insular Army" with a couple of his friends to "fight" against a kid that was annoying him and his friends, In time Insula became sort of a micronation even though Alessandro had no idea what a micronation is. Insula had multiple wars in which it was victorious. The name Insula comes from the name of the street he used to play with his friends on, that was called Aleea Insulei (and that little region of the city was frequently called Insula by locals). There was also two movies made throught-out the Early Insula era. The Early Insula era ends in 2018 when they took a little pause.
During the Early Insula era there were 3 main periods:

1) The Beggining Period

An official state was not created, it was mainly only the "Insular Army", The first film about Insula was filmed in this Period but it was deleted and we can't recover it.
Estimated reproduction of the first flag of Insula (The flag of the Army); The palm tree in the center(symbol of Insula) and the abbreviation INSL in the corners. There was also another flag that was completely red but that was an unofficial one.

2) The Creation Period

An actual state was starting to appear and it was a Monarchy with Alessandro at its' lead, there are also photos to prove the existance of Insula from this era.

INSLFLAG.png INSK.png 123.png
The Coat of arms of Insula and the Flag of Insula used in the Creation period. It was a Romanian flag with the Insular coat of arms on it. The coat of arms had a motto in the upper part but it's not known completely what it was so it's marked as "There was a motto here" in the reproduction above.
There is also a photo showing both the coat of arms and the flag but they aren't shown very clearly.

Screenshot 10.png Screenshot 9yuiyu.png Screenshot 8788.png
This flag was also used in the late creation period, when the second movie was created. The second movie made about Insula is from this period and it's kept safely in Luana's archives.

3) The Reform Period

The Reform Period was a rather short one but in this period a unique insular flag was created and Alessandro started to learn about micronations.
This is a photo of the unique flag (blue and yellow) with the new coat of arms on it.

Military State Insula Era

It was 2019 and Insula was becoming sort of a micronation and it changed to a type of Military Junta leadership. In this period Insula gained a protectorate (Centralia)

Netitulat.jpg Sdasdasdas.png Asdasdasdas.png
The flag of the Insular Military State and two posters.

This was the the last era in which Insula existed.

Transila Era

This was the first "real" micronation of Alessandro and with was made with the help of 3 former members of Insula. During the short time it existed Alessandro had learnt a lot about micronationalism and Transila had made a lot of achievements.

Recreation of the Transilan Flag. There also was a lot of physical evidence that Transila existed but it's nowhere to be found.

Abristan Era

Abristan was unofficially founded on the 28th of August 2019 with Alessandro as its' king. It started with 2 citizens (Alessandro and one former member of Transila) and ended up with around 6. This period lasted until around the end of 2020.

Luana Era

Abristan changed a bit and changed its' name to Luana somewhere around the end of 2020. (Old Kingdom of Luana)
In february of 2021 there was a short period in which Luana was apart of the new Luanian Royal Administration, the LRA being dissolved in late february.
Finally on the 21st of February, the new Kingdom of Luana declared independence and is now actively looking for citizens. On the 10st of July, the Kingdom of Luana changed it's title to a Principality, and reforms were made.

On the 16th of May 2021, the Principality of Luana was dissolved officially for the last time.

Siriu Era

On the 19th of September 2021 the Principality of Siriu was established. As the zone of Siriu was being mistreated by the incompetent and corrupt romanian government, the Siriu Principality took it into their hands to protect the zone from pollution, destruction of nature and the place's heritage, also to maintain the population of the zone stable, to stop it's decline.


The list below consists of all awards and decorations received by Alessandro

National honours


Foreign honours

Country Honour Post-nominals Date of conferment
 Snagov Order of the Federation (Snagov) - Ribbon.svg Member of the Order of the Federation MOF 20 February 2021