Albert Flinkmann

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Albert Flinkmann

Radek Osuch
No official photo currently.
President of Radoslavia
Assumed office
Predecessor Office established
Prime Minister of Bobania
In office
January 2017-12 November 2020
Predecessor Verbi Verbinský as President of Republic of Bobania
Successor Office abolished
Highest Overseer of Bobania
Assumed office
September 2016-12 November 2020
Predecessor Unknown
Successor Office abolished
Minister of Defence of Czechoslovakia
In office
April 2015 - February 2016
Mayor and Prince of Darth
In office
22.9.2014 - 10.2.2017
Prime Minister František Otta Šindelář (2016-17)
Born Bruntál, Czech Republic
Citizenship Radoslavian, Czech
Ethnicity Czech
Political party United Party of Radoslavia (Radoslavia)
Other political
United Party of Darth, United Party of Bobania
Residence Bruntál
Military service
Allegiance Radoslavian Army
Service/branch Defence forces
In service 2017
Rank General

Albert Flinkmann (or Radek Osuch jr.) is a Radoslavian politican and current President of Radoslavia. He is also the former Highest Overseer and Prime Minister of Bobania.