Ajastat Insurgency

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Ajastat Insurgency
Date 24 January 2014-Ongoing
Location Dradelia
Result Ongoing
Flag of Ashukov Dradelia.png Socialist Republic of Dradelia West Dradelia.png West Dradelia
Flag of Ashukov Dradelia.png Igor Kutsrutu West Dradelia.png Davey Visser
Flag of Ashukov Dradelia.png 11 Man
Flag of Ashukov Dradelia.png 2 Armored Cars
Gigimot Division Flag.png 5 Man
Gigimot Division Flag.png 1 Barricade
Injuries and losses
1 Armored Car Damaged 1 Capturd
the Ajastat Insurgency was a skirmish between the Dradelian Army and the Fascist Gigimot Division its won by the Dradelian Forces

The Rebellion

The Dradelian socialist government have maded a new law to ban fascism in Dradelia Suporters of the Gigimot Party start a Rebelion and buld Barricades in the Streets of Ajastat One Gigimot Unit attacked the socialist government bulding On 12:30 2 Armored Cars sended to the Barricade to destroy it One of the Gigimot Brigandiers attacked the Armored Cars and the car crashed in the barricade and the leader is capturd however the nexst day ther founded West Dradelia and declared war on us than war started