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An aide-de-camp (French expression lit. helper of the camp) is an appointment to act as a personal assistant to an officer of high rank, or to a member of the Baustralian royal family. Aides-de-camp of the royal family and the sovereign wear gold aiguillettes over the right shoulder, as with other offices in the Baustralian Armed Forces, while others wear them over the left.

Rank insignia is decorated with a badge of office pertaining to whom they were appointed. For example, aides-de-camp of royalty wear a cypher of that royal, or aides-de-camp of members of the General Staff wear a flag of the Baustralian Army. Aides-de-camp of the Sovereign bear the post-nominal of ADC(P), whereas other aides-de-camp bear the post-nominal ADC.

Badges of office

Office The Sovereign[a] Defence Staff Naval Staff General Staff Air Staff
Insignia Baustralia HRN OF-9 (Personal ADC; shoulder).svg Baustralia Army OF-3 (ADCf).svg Baustralia HRN OF-4 (ADCn; shoulder).svg Baustralia Army OF-2 (ADCa).svg Baustralia HRAF OF-1B (ADCair).svg
Rank Baustralia Admiral Baustralia Major Baustralia Commander Baustralia Captain Baustralia Flying officer


  1. This includes the First and Principal Naval Aide-de-Camp, the Aide-de-Camp General, and the Air Aide-de-Camp.