Ahmad Kermani

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Ahmad Kermani
Фрғфв Лукғфтш
Ahmad Kermani in 1989
1st President of Azerbaicanin
Assumed office
23 August 1979
Vice PresidentHeydar Bassov
Ogtay Abbasov
Preceded by"Himself" (as Premier of the AZSSR)
2nd Premier of the AZSSR
In office
11 July 1976 – 23 August 1979
Vice PremierHeydar Bassov
Preceded byAbbas Kermani
Succeeded by"Office abolished"
Personal details
BornAhmad Abbas oghlu Kermani
10 January 1960 (1960-01-10) (age 64)
Ganja, w:Soviet Union USSR
Political partyOpklarini Party
Other political
Communist Party of Azerbaicanin (1976 - 1980)
Zarifa Kermaniya
(m. 1979; died 1990)
RelationsKermani family
ParentsAbbas Kermani (father)
Mehriban Kermaniya (mother)

Ahmad Kermani (born Ahmad Abbas oghlu Kermani; Oghnazi Azerbaijani: Фрғфв Лукғфтш) is an Azerbaijani micronationalist & is the first President of Azerbaicanin from 1979 succeeding the title Premeir of the ASSR which Ahmad held from his father's resignation in 1976 until 1979. He is the founder of the Opklarini Nationalist Ideology & the Opklarini Party.

Ahmad in 1989


Born in 1960, Ahmad was the son of Abbas Kermani, who was a KGB agent during the 60s & Mehriban Kermaniya, a barista who was killed later in 1963 by Ali Bassov, a Chechen serial killer who fled to Syria after Mehriban's death. In 1966, his father formed the Azerbaicanin Soviet Socialist Republic (AZSSR) making Ahmad heir to the title, Premier. In 1976, Abbas was overthrown and Ahmad took over until 1979 when he abolished the AZSSR & forming the Republic of Azerbaicanin making him president. He is the founding father of the Opklarini Nationalist Ideology (Kermanism) & Opklarini Party in 1981. He married Zarifa Kermaniya and gave birth to Heydar Kermani, the heir to the presidency. Zarifa was found dead in her hotel bedroom in 1990 while in Kyiv & KGB officers were accused of this after they were found guily of murder in 1992. Ahamd cut all ties to Russia selling the Azeri Embassy in Russia to a landlord who turned it into flats after.