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Agepoli is an italophone, non-territorial micronation founded on Telegram by Davide Rambaldi, Cesare Orlando and Fausto Desiderio. The nation has expanded over Discord, too, with a server. It has been a direct democracy from its birth, now federated with Ghelda and Iridia-Etruria under the Leonensian Federal Republic.

(Repubblica Federale Leonense)

Bandiera Agepoli.jpg

"Per aspera ad astra" (de facto)
Official language(s)Italian
DemonymAgepotes (it: Agipoti)
GovernmentDirect Democracy
LegislatureDirectory of Agepoli
Established20 may 2018
Area claimedNon-Territorial Micronation
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)



Agepoli was founded on 20 May 2018 by Davide Rambaldi, Davide Leone and Fausto Desiderio after the frictions in the micronation of Castaboro. From the beginning, Castaboro opposed to this new project, also infiltrating spies to keep the activities in the nation under constant control. Agepoli also loses one of its three founders, Rambaldi, who leaves the Telegram platform for unknown motivations, but the citizens stay united and continue in their project. Eventually, after growing in size and importance, after a long peace process, the nation gets Castaboro's friendship. The progressive approaching to Ghelda will lead first to the birth of the OIDMA (It:Organizzazione Internazionale delle Micronazioni Aterritoriali En:International Organization of Aterritorial Micronations) which will be dissolved a few months later for the foundation of the Leonensian Federal Republic (Repubblica Federale Leonense).

Presidents of Agepoli

Term Name Day of inauguration End of term
I Davide Rambaldi 22 May 2018 10 June 2018
II Cesare Orlando 10 June 2018 21 August 2018
III Samuele Leone 24 August 2018 4 November 2018

Governor of Agepoli

Term Name Day of inaguration End of term Notes
I Samuele Leone 5 November 2018 30 December 2018 Last President of Agepoli
II Giovanni Zaccaria 1 January 2019 9 March 2019 Left the office to become the President of the Republic
III Stefano Martina 10 March 2019 8 June 2019 Was fired after a vote of no confidence by Domenico Alcatraz
IV Domenico Alcatraz 8 June 2019 29 October 2019 Resigned
V Giovanni Zaccaria 29 October 2019 20 February 2020 Was fired after a vote of no confidence by Simone Irsuto
VI Simone Irsuto 20 February 2020 13 March 2020 Resigned
VII Carlo Cesare Orlando 13 March 2020 30 April 2020 Was fired after a vote of no confidence by Giovanni Zaccaria
VIII Giovanni Zaccaria 30 April 2020 in charge

Organization of the State

Agepoli was founded as a direct democracy, were citiziens could enter the Directory, the legislative organ, and vote for the State Counceil, the government of the nation, lead by the President, that would have ended only via a no-confidence vote. This model has later been exported to Ghelda and all the Leonensian Federal Republic.